3 Random Books For One Insanely Low Price!

3 Random Books For One Insanely Low Price!

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Three Random Books For An Insanely Low Price!
THREE Books For Just $15!

This is a very different kind of special for us and it won't appear in the newsletter!

We have to make room in our office, so we're clearing out all kinds of non-Cemetery Dance books. These are hardcovers, trade paperbacks, and review copies that were sent to us for review consideration, Limited Edition publication consideration, or just as reference copies while working on a project. Most are brand new releases in the last two years, but some are older editions of books we're publishing as special editions.

Our library no longer accepts book donations, so we wanted to make sure these books ended up in the hands of REAL READERS and not some dumpster somewhere.

For that reason, we are bundling them together in groups of three to sell for an insanely low price. The books we're including in this sale are UNREAD and "like new" or "very good" condition. The genres are all over the place, but most are Horror, Suspense, Mystery, Thrillers, and a few SF/Fantasy titles here and there.

We're only charging $15 for a bundle of THREE books, and if you order multiple sets on the same order, you will get different books because we only have one or two copies of each title. We can't guarantee you'll get hardcovers or a specific genre, and we can't even tell you the authors involved because there's just tons of different ones including well-known bestsellers and sold midlist authors and even first novelists, so it's a total roll of the dice in terms of what you might get, but for this price, it's certainly worth a try!!