Cemetery Dance Collectors Club 8: Exclusive Specials, Discounts, Books, and More!

Cemetery Dance Collectors Club 8: Exclusive Specials, Discounts, Books, and More!



The Cemetery Dance Collectors Club Is BACK!
Members Receive Exclusive Discounts, Advance Notice on New Books, and Other Perks Not Available to the General Public!
Includes An Exclusive Signed Limited Edition Hardcover Printed Just For Members!
ALSO: We've Returned To Our Lowest Membership Fee EVER!

We're very pleased to announce the eighth annual Cemetery Dance Collectors Club, but don't wait to place your order because the CDCC is easily one of our most popular deals of all time and we've priced the membership at just $99 for the first time in years!

Members of the new Cemetery Dance Collectors Club will receive:

1) Exclusive special offers and discounts sent straight to their inbox for the next 12 months

These special offers include exclusive discounts on new books, exclusive sales of collectible books we can't offer the general public because we have so few copies, advance notice on new special offers and Limited Editions, and many other deals.

2) Advance notice of new Cemetery Dance Limited Editions before the general public and discounts of up to 30% off the retail price

When a book sells out in days or even hours, every minute counts -- and you'll be notified about our new books before the general public! This early notice can make a huge difference: just ask previous members of the CDCC who managed to snag their first STEPHEN KING SIGNED LIMITED EDITION thanks to their membership!

3) Advance notice of books from other publishers before the general public and discounts of up to 30% off the retail price

We make special arrangements with many other publishers so we can offer the CDCC discounts that we cannot offer the general public! In addition, whenever we only receive 25 or 50 copies of a signed Limited Edition from another publisher, those copies are offered first to the CDCC -- and if all the copies sell, those titles are never offered in the regular newsletter.

4) Advance notice of special offers such as Grab Bags and other heavily discounted deals

Some specials are extremely limited and most are for a very limited time only, so members are notified of these new deals before the general public, giving them a better shot at getting their order placed in time. (Sometimes we're even able to offer discounts on these special deals, making something that's already a terrific value even better for the CDCC members.)

5) Opportunities to purchase books and other collectibles never offered to the general public

When we have so few copies of a collectible that it would quickly oversell, we often email JUST the Collectors Club, so those collectors have the opportunity to add something very cool to their collection that we can't offer the general public.

Some examples of what we've offered in the past include Stephen King signed Limited Editions, signed and framed Stephen King artwork, books that were Out of Print on publication that we had a few extra copies of in our warehouse, and even some incredible items from private collections that we sold on consignment.

6) The ONLY opportunity for ANYONE to purchase discounted Cemetery Dance Gift Certificates

A few years back, we stopped accepting coupons toward the purchase of Cemetery Dance Gift Certificates... with the exception of a special coupon we send JUST the members of the CDCC each year, which allows them to take 50% off AS MANY Gift Certificates as they want for a few days. These Gift Certificates never expire and can be used for any book or subscription we offer through our website, and many members of the CDCC like to "stock up" and be prepared for future announcements. (So, if you've ever looked at the price of a signed Stephen King Limited Edition and wished you could save 50% off that purchase, this would be the way you can do that!)

7) Special MEMBERS ONLY "sneak peek" production updates at unannounced projects!

This is a new bonus that we added to the current club after it was already in progress, and it is still a work in progress, but we're trying to send some "behind the scenes" sneak peek production emails from time to time for CDCC MEMBERS ONLY for books that have NOT BEEN announced yet. An example would be the artwork previews for THE STAND by Stephen King, which we've only shared with the current CDCC members. We're not fully in the swing of things yet when it comes to sending these special "insider looks" on a regular basis, but we're getting better!

8) Exclusive Signed "Not For Sale" Limited Edition Produced ONLY For Members:

One of our most popular Bonus Items of all-time is the "Not For Sale" signed Limited Edition, which is printed only for members of the CDCC, and this year we have something we think our collectors will really love! It's an anthology featuring some of our favorite authors, they will all be signing the signature sheets, and then no other PRINT EDITION will ever be issued of this book -- no trade hardcover, no trade paperback, nothing! We believe this will make a great collectible when our collectors see who is involved, but we can't say more just yet.

Now here comes the biggest change in the history of the CDCC, but it should be a popular change based on the feedback we received from current members:

We've lowered the price of the membership fee this year because, with the exception of the Signed "Not For Sale" Limited Edition (which all members will be receiving automatically), we won't be automatically sending any other additional exclusive bonus items such as hats, shirts, etc.

Most of our previous members "liked" but didn't "desperately need" those items, and producing those items sometimes takes much longer than we would like (and those delays also badly upset a few of the newer members), so we've come up with a better idea for the CDCC 8:

There WILL still be other "Exclusive CDCC-Only Items" for those who dig them, but these items will be offered throughout the course of the year and they will be entirely OPTIONAL.

For example, if you want a new Cemetery Dance baseball cap, as a CDCC member you'll have the exclusive opportunity to order one and we'll only be charging our members our costs for these items. So if we pay $6 per unit for an item, that's what you'll pay, too! This means, instead of paying upfront in the membership fee for bonus items you might not even want, you can just select the items you DO want over the course of the next year.

Your membership and your exclusive discounts will technically begin on October 1st, but as has become our tradition, we'll include you on the current CDCC emails IMMEDIATELY, so your savings can begin with the very next special offer mailing.

This one-year membership only costs $99 plus shipping for the exclusive "Not For Sale" signed Limited Edition, and whether you're a general reader or a serious collector, you can't go wrong with a membership to the CDCC!

We're only going to offer these memberships for a limited time and then they're gone for good, so place your order today or you might miss out!

This special offer cannot be purchased with any coupons. The shipping charge on your CDCC membership order is the shipping fee for the Not For Sale book, but regular shipping charges apply to other orders that you place throughout the year. Please contact our office if you have any questions before placing your order because this special offer is non-refundable.