Uncle Otto's Truck Signed & Framed Original Artwork!

Uncle Otto's Truck Signed & Framed Original Artwork!

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Glenn Chadbourne
Stephen King Artwork!

We have an extremely unique opportunity for our Stephen King fans and artwork collectors!

While organizing our office, we found the ORIGINAL DRAWINGS by Glenn Chadbourne for his full-length adaptation of "Uncle Otto's Truck" for The Secretary of Dreams by Stephen King. As a reminder, every single word of King's story was included in the illustrated pages in the book, making this a unique approach to creating a graphic novel.

There were 31 illustrated pages for this story, and we'll be matting and framing each page individually, which means we have exactly 31 of these amazing collectibles to offer our collectors! See the photo on this page for a few examples we prepared once we decided on the materials. We're ordering the rest of the materials this week and then Mindy will carefully prepare each piece by hand.

Please Note: These pages were not signed by Glenn Chadbourne during the creation of the artwork due to the production requirements for the book, but he will be signing the bottom of each matboard in a SILVER pen and he will also be NUMBERING them 1 of 31. So page 1 will be #1, page 2 will be #2, etc. (He hasn't signed the matboards yet, hence the lack of a signature in the photographed examples. They will all be signed before they ship.)

Since there will only be 31 of these available, and each page is part of Stephen King collectible history, we expect strong demand from our many fans of Stephen King, The Secretary of Dreams, and Glenn Chadbourne's artwork. Reserve yours today before supplies run out!

Place your order today because we will never have more to sell!