Cemetery Dance Automatic Store Credit Plan for 2021!

Cemetery Dance Automatic Store Credit Plan for 2021!




Cemetery Dance Automatic Store Credit Plan!
Save At Least 50% Off Your Orders!

We're very pleased to offer the new Cemetery Dance Automatic Store Credit Plan for 2021, a brand new version of a very popular savings program we offered between 2007 and 2012 and revived last year to great fanfare!

For those of you on a budget or who just enjoy saving big on your purchases, the Cemetery Dance Automatic Store Credit Plan is a great special offer that'll help you to build a huge collection at a fraction of the retail price. Whether you're a general reader or a hardcore collector or general reader or a big Stephen King fan, this is the deal you cannot afford to miss!

We have DOZENS of exciting and unannounced books in production from many of our favorite authors, and we're looking to publish more books in 2021 than any year we've been in business, so the Cemetery Dance Automatic Store Credit plan is a great way to get the books you want and save money at the same time!

What is a Cemetery Dance "Automatic" Store Credit?

Glad you asked! If you sign-up for this program, we'll automatically apply $50 in store credit to your Cemetery Dance online store account EVERY MONTH from January until December! This credit NEVER expires and will be waiting for you in your account when you go to order, so you cannot "forget" about it or lose a redemption code, and you do NOT need to use all of the credit this year.

What can this store credit be used on?

Just about anything we offer on the online store! Special offers, Grab Bags, Limited Editions, Lettered Editions, books from other publishers, slipcases, t-shirts, Cemetery Dance Collector Club memberships... even SIGNED STEPHEN KING LIMITED EDITIONS... The only thing these cannot be used toward is the purchase of a Gift Certificate or future versions of this special offer due to the credit having already been heavily discounted.

Do I have to use the credit each month?

NO! You do not need to spend ANY of the money each month -- whatever you don't use will carry over and this credit NEVER expires.

Will this help me if I need to cut back on my book spending for some reason?

YES! If you have to cut back on your small press Limited Edition purchases at some point, you'll always know you have store credit coming to you for your Cemetery Dance orders!

So what does Cemetery Dance Automatic Store Credit Plan cost?

You can sign-up for the Cemetery Dance Automatic Store Credit Plan for a ONE-TIME fee of just $299, which is 50% off the total value you will receive in credit.

We have very ambitious plans in the works for this year, so there will be plenty of books and other items for you to order... But we're only selling a limited number of these Cemetery Dance Automatic Store Credit memberships and they will NOT last long!

There cannot be any refunds for this deal once the credit has been issued. No Savings Certificates, Gift Certificates, Store Credit, and other discounts can be used to purchase this special offer. Limit of one per household, person, or family. As always, Credit and Certificates cannot be used retroactively on past orders or lifetime memberships.