New Cemetery Dance 12 Month Book Club!

New Cemetery Dance 12 Month Book Club!

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Our Very Best Cemetery Dance Book Club Ever!
Receive 12 Hardcovers For ONE LOW PRICE!
Includes OUT OF PRINT Books and TWO Lettered Editions!

Hi Folks!

The Cemetery Dance BOOK CLUB is always extremely popular, and we're pleased to offer a brand new club based on the original book clubs we offered years ago that ended up being our most popular deals ever!

With this deal, you'll save BIG off the retail price of the books and you'll also save A LOT on shipping since we're just charging a one-time shipping fee on these books, which is greatly reduced compared to the cost of shipping them separately!

Here's how the Cemetery Dance Book Club works:

• As a member of the Cemetery Dance Book Club, we'll automatically send you the book we select when it's ready to ship.

• You'll receive TWELVE books over the next year, approximately one per month starting in April.

• Most selections will be signed Limited Editions, but at least TWO will actually be LETTERED EDITIONS! And to make sure you get your books on a regular schedule, we've actually figured out how to use some OUT OF PRINT books from our storage warehouse to fill any slots in-between new releases.

• Members pay NO ADDITIONAL shipping fees beyond the ONE TIME shipping fee on this Cemetery Dance Book Club order. That means if shipping costs have been holding back your collecting, this is your chance to SAVE BIG!

• PLEASE NOTE: The shipping cost is included in the cart prices above, and we discounted that shipping fee by at least 50% off what it'll cost us to mail you the books!

• We're selling these memberships for just $249 each -- but the combined retail value for the books we're going to use is between $725 and $775, making this a tremendous savings!

• Limit of one membership per household, please.

If you think your book budget might be tighter over the next year or if you just want to guarantee yourself a bunch of great new books for one low price, this is the special offer for you because you cannot go wrong. This really is a deal you cannot beat!

We're only selling these memberships for a very limited time and these won't last long — place your order ASAP so you don't miss out!

Limit of one membership per household. There can be no refunds of your membership fee after the first shipment goes out the door. Also, please note that we will be using books that have already been announced, so there's a chance our selections might overlap with your existing preorders.