A Little Black Book of Quiet Horror

A Little Black Book of Quiet Horror

  • Author: Charles L. Grant
  • Pub. Date: January 2020
  • Status: Forthcoming

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A new book in the Borderlands Press Little Book Series!

A Little Black Book of Quiet Horror
by Charles L. Grant

Publisher: Borderlands Press
Publication Date: 2020
Signed Limited Edition: 500 numbered copies SIGNED by Kathryn Ptacek and Hank Wagner
Retail Price: $30

About the Book:
Charles L. Grant was a prolific writer of more than 100 novels and twice as many short stories. He was one the most respected and revered writers of his generation. He is the winner of a British Fantasy Award, two Nebula Awards, three World Fantasy Awards, the Bram Stoker for Lifetime Achievement, the World Horror Convention Lifetime Achievement Award, the Lifetime Legend Award of the International Horror Guild.

Grant died in 2006, but his work remains a lasting monument to his talent. This current volume collects stories that best represent his style and type of tale he liked to call “quiet horror.”  It has been edited by his wife, writer Kathryn Ptacek and Hank Wagner—signed by both.