A Long December (US Trade Paperback)

A Long December (US Trade Paperback)


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Richard Chizmar's acclaimed short story collection, now in trade paperback in the US for the first-time from Gauntlet Press! Copies sold through the Cemetery Dance online store can be SIGNED by the author!

A Long December
by Richard Chizmar

Publisher: Gauntlet Press
Retail Price: $19.95

Note From Cemetery Dance:
Richard Chizmar can sign any copies of this title ordered through the Cemetery Dance online store, so just reply to your order confirmation email and let Mindy know what you'd like him to write in your copy and she'll add that request to your order!

About the Book:
In 1996, Richard Chizmar's debut short story collection, Midnight Promises, was a finalist for the World Fantasy Award. Publishers Weekly called it "a sterling collection" while singling out "The Silence of Sorrow" as "an understated masterpiece."

Two years later, Subterranean Press published a mini-collection from Chizmar entitled Monsters and Other Stories. In his introduction, acclaimed genre critic Edward Bryant said, "When all is said and done, this book should leave you in utter silence, giving you time and opportunity to contemplate what you just read. Tough storytelling from a tough writer; but a writer who is not calloused. Chizmar possesses a finely honed gift of empathy. With utter grace and loving kindness he'll put you right inside the life (and soul) of the monster."

Now, nearly two decades later, Chizmar assembles thirty-five stories, including a previously-unpublished novella, and presents us with A Long December. This massive new collection features more than 150,000 words of Chizmar's very best short fiction and includes 8,000 words of autobiographical Story Notes.

Eerie, suspenseful, poignant, the stories in A Long December range from horror to suspense, crime to dark fantasy, mainstream to mystery.

As New York Times bestselling author Scott Smith (A Simple Plan, The Ruins) notes: "It's an idyllic little world Richard Chizmar has created. Boys fish in the shallows of a winding creek. A father tosses a baseball with his young son in the fading light of a summer day. There's the smell of fresh-cut grass. And then, well…just beneath the surface? There are those missing pets whose collars turn up in a shoebox. Or the disturbing photos the dead can leave behind. Or the terrible thing you might find yourself doing when a long lost brother suddenly returns, demanding money. Chizmar does a tremendous job of peeling back his world's shiny layers, revealing the rot that lies underneath. His stories feel like so many teeth: short and sharp and ready to draw blood."

Table of Contents:
Blood Brothers
The Man with X-Ray Eyes
The Box
Ditch Treasures
The Silence of Sorrow
After the Bombs
Last Words
Night Call
The Lake is Life
The Good Old Days
Grand Finale
The Artist
Family Ties
Mister Parker
Like Father, Like Son
The Tower
Cemetery Dance
A Crime of Passion
Devil’s Night
Bride of Frankenstein: A Love Story
The Season of Giving
A Capital Cat Crime
The Sinner King
A Season of Change
Midnight Promises
The Night Shift
Only the Strong Survive
The Interview
The Poetry of Life
A Long December
Story Notes

Praise & Reviews:
"As a procurer of the bizarre and unsettling, Richard Chizmar has no equal, and here he has crafted some fine shadows of his own. Each tale in A Long December is a magic trick, luring you toward the light while leading you down an ever-darkening path. There is hope mingled with horror, and that’s Chizmar’s secret power. His storytelling always beats with a huge, passionate heart. Sometimes that heart has been extracted by a madman and planted in the earth, but still…"
Entertainment Weekly

"…a highly talented dark suspense writer with a wide range of subject matter and a knack for clear, straightforward, but evocative prose that may remind you of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Ed Gorman."
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine