Black Slipcase For Multiple Cemetery Dance Books!

Black Slipcase For Multiple Cemetery Dance Books!


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Custom Black Slipcase That Fits Many of Our Books!

Hi Folks!

Due to collector demand, we will be producing a CUSTOM BLACK SLIPCASE that fits the following books/editions published by Cemetery Dance Publications and perhaps others:

World War Z (Limited Edition & Lettered Edition)
The Dark Tower Companion (Limited Edition & Lettered Edition)
John Dies at the End (Limited Edition & Lettered Edition)
Pure (Limited Edition & Lettered Edition)
Gideon's Corpse (Limited Edition)
Gideon's Sword (Limited Edition)
Relic (Limited Edition)
The Prophet (Lettered Edition & Lettered Edition)
A Book of Horrors (Limited Numbered Edition)
The Road to the Dark Tower (Limited Edition)

This slipcase will be approximately 7 X 10 X 1 9/16, but this sizing may vary very slightly. The above listed books are the ones we've tested here at the office to confirm they will fit. You might have books from other publishers that will fit, too.

This will be a one time production run, so please be sure to order enough cases for all of your books now because we may not have many extras after shipping our preorders!

(Ordering a case does not get you any of the books, you must order the books separately.)