The "Blood of Carrie" Wooden Relief Carving!

The "Blood of Carrie" Wooden Relief Carving!

  • Artist: Hocker Wood Works
  • Page Count: SIZE: approximately 5 inches X 9 inches
  • Status: Out of Print

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The "Blood of Carrie" Wooden Relief Carving!
Unlike Any Collectible We've EVER Offered!

Dan Hocker, who has been a member of the Cemetery Dance Publications family for ages now, has a side gig that he doesn't tell many people about, but he showed us something a few weeks ago that we told him he HAD to share with our collectors!

Dan is the founder and sole employee of Hocker Wood Works, and you can see just a few of his beautiful creations on Instragram and his Etsy store. (The cutting boards are stunning in person, and every member of the CD staff uses the custom wooden pens he makes, they're awesome!)

So what did he show us recently that we just had to offer to our collectors? This incredible "Blood of Carrie" Wooden Relief Carving:

Carrie Wood Relief

That's the second to final prototype and each incarnation just keeps getting better and better!

To create something like this, Dan carves out the main shape from a custom-cut piece of wood; the entire piece then gets a custom paint job to make the wood entirely RED (the photos of this part of the process look like a real scene from the end of Carrie -- RED is EVERYWHERE!), and then the top layer of wood is sanded off to remove the red on the flat surfaces while leaving the color exclusively in the carved sections, to give the look you see above. Finally, a protective layer is applied to protect the finish and the color of the paint for years to come.

For those who regularly purchase items made by hand, you know the other special element of these: every piece of wood is slightly different, and creating a wood carving like this means there will be small variations, so each and every one created is its own, unique piece of artwork!

Each one Dan makes is approximately 5 inches by 9 inches, so it won't be hard to find the perfect place on your bookshelf, wall, or display case for these!

This is a collectible unlike anything we've ever offered before in our 30+ years in business -- we've never seen anything quite this beautiful and yet also tactile at the same time.

The best news is this: Dan is preparing to set aside time to create a very limited run of these just for Cemetery Dance collectors! The cost is only $100 plus shipping, which really is a tremendous deal when you consider how much labor goes into creating these, and there won't be many made due to the time involved in the process, so please place your order ASAP!