Dark Arts

Dark Arts

  • Author: Thomas F Monteleone
  • Status: In-Stock

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Dark Arts
by Thomas F. Monteleone

Signed by Thomas F. Monteleone, Jack Ketchum, and Harry O Morris

Publisher: Thunderstorm Books
Print Run: Just 100 copies produced!
Price: $75

About the Book:
There is a connective tissue between each of these stories. The seriously wounded artist. Seeking redemption or damnation or both.

Through the work.

A beautiful young flamenco dancer in search of a forbidden dance.

A painter and a composer, a century apart, who find everlasting fame through the torment of their love for the same dangerous woman.

A bestselling author who can only reach his future by confronting the bedroom of his haunted past.

A theatre stage that can change the way you act out your very life.

An arrogant network reporter whose drive through the fog to a plane-crash site unleashes his soul.

Art links these stories but the blood and bone of them belongs to each of us. Artist or no artist, you will recognize yourself here. You’ll recognize your own ambitions, loves thwarted and fulfilled, your own despair, your potential for growth and change and the lack of it, your shots at happiness.

All that’s well worth writing about.

But let’s not forget the scary stuff. Your encounters with fear.

Those places in your childhood. Those off-road encounters.

Because that’s part of what Mr. Monteleone brings to the table. A healthy dose of fear.