Darkness Whispers

Darkness Whispers

  • Author: Richard Chizmar & Brian James Freeman
  • Artist: Elderlemon Design
  • Pub. Date: June 2017
  • Status: In-Stock

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"Richard Chizmar's great gift is that he knows the people on your block. And their darkest secrets. This guy is gold."
— Stephen King

"Brian James Freeman's writing will leave you both chilled and deeply moved."
— William Peter Blatty

Darkness Whispers
by Richard Chizmar and Brian James Freeman

Publisher: Journalstone Publishing
Publication Date: June 2017
Edition: Trade Paperback

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About the Book:
Darkness Whispers will introduce you to the town of Windbrook, a sleepy little community nestled deep in the secluded Skullkin Valley of western Pennsylvania.

All is well in Windbrook, just like usual, just like always. Nothing changes here, nothing is different.

Except... except today something is different.

An old man with piercing gray eyes will arrive in town this morning. This man isn't human. Not even close. And he isn't coming alone. Death travels with him.

Richard Chizmar, award-winning author of A Long December, and Brian James Freeman, acclaimed author of The Painted Darkness, have combined forces to create an old-fashioned tale of horror, full of good and evil, with a breathtaking ending that will leave you wondering when this peculiar old man might be coming for you...

Praise & Reviews:
Darkness Whispers begins as a visit to a golden-hued, idyllic town that soon gets dark. Very dark. I quickly gave up trying to second-guess the formidable authors and simply surrendered to their lead all the way to the shattering conclusion. Chizmar and Freeman know that horror doesn't work without humanity, and with this story they succeed in chilling our blood and breaking our hearts.
— Ray Garton

Anthology editors Chizmar (the Shivers series) and Freeman (the Dark Screams series) build tension and hook readers... with this svelte tale of modern small-town life gone wrong. The characters are instantly engaging, and the story moves at a satisfying clip...
Publishers Weekly

Filled with enough plot, characterization and metaphorical heft to stuff a full-length novel, Darkness Whispers brilliantly depicts the supernatural exploitation of a small town's moral failings. Subtly shifting from Bradbury-esque whimsy to badass horror worthy of the King himself, the novella is a major achievement by Richard Chizmar and Brian James Freeman.
— Bentley Little, author of The Consultant and The Influence