Eight DJs for The Dark Tower Grant / Viking Hardcovers!

Eight DJs for The Dark Tower Grant / Viking Hardcovers!




Eight Dustjackets for the DARK TOWER SERIES COVER COLLECTION From the Overlook Connection!

Wraparound Cover Art by Glenn Chadbourne and each Signed & Numbered by the Artist!

Guest Dust Jacket Author: Robin Furth.     


  • All Eight Dark Tower Covers with original wrap-around Dust Jacket Paintings by Glenn Chadbourne.
  • Each Cover Signed and Numbered with the Same Number.
  • Glenn Chadbourne official Gold Seal on each cover.
  • Guest author DJ text written by Dark Tower Graphic novel series co-author, Robin Furth.
  • Your Chadbourne original cover is archived in an acid-free book cover that we ship with your order
  • This purchase is for the new Glenn Chadbourne illustrated covers only (no books included) and they fit on the original hardcover releases
  • A portion of the proceeds from this purchase will go to Stephen King's Haven Foundation for artists and authors in need
  • Limited to 500 sets, signed and numbered by the artist!

Reminder: This set includes eight original dust jackets that fit the US hardcover editions of the books but does not include copies of the actual books.