Harvest Moon (eBook)

Harvest Moon (eBook)

  • Author: James A. Moore
  • Page Count: 330 (physical book)
  • Pub. Date: August 1, 2011
  • Status: E-Book

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Harvest Moon
by James A. Moore

About the eBook:
You reap what you sow in Beldam Woods.

Once upon a time there was a town called Beldam Woods, where all of the people lived happy, carefree lives and no one wanted for anything. All of the children at the schools studied hard and learned their lessons. All of the adults were true to their spouses and everyone was content.

At least that's what the travel brochures say.

They don't tell you about the puddle of blood found inside the local veterinary clinic, or about the old librarian found torn to pieces inside his house. They don't mention the troubles the police are having with their investigations into local crimes, or about the petty jealousies that have grown between the students attending the local public school and the kids going to the upper crust private academy.

Those brochures fail to mention the odd vegetation growing in the woods not far from the town, or the reasons that everything in the Witch's Hollow is poisonous to eat or even to touch.

None of the literature written about Beldam Woods talks of human sacrifices or the desecration of new graves; there's not a word written down about the monsters that allegedly lived there in the past, or what the townsfolk did to them.

And most importantly, there's no mention of what happens when the monsters come back to put paid to some old debts...