Less Than Human (eBook)

Less Than Human (eBook)

  • Author: Gary Raisor
  • Pub. Date: April 18, 2019
  • Status: E-Book

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Less Than Human
by Gary Raisor

About the eBook:
The town of Carruthers, Texas, has seen its share of drifters and lowlifes. But never anyone like Steven and Earl.

They move from town to town. Hustling the pool halls. Raising a little hell. Drinking a little blood. They sleep by day and hunt by night -- the ultimate predators. The perfect life. Until now.

A barroom brawl ends in disaster. The soil from Steven's grave has been stolen. And a young boy's death sparks an all out war between vampires and mortals that will turn the local Frontier Day celebration into a blood bath....

"Raisor writes a very mean, lean line of prose in Less Than Human. This book resonates with the work of Jim Thompson, Ed Gorman, and a touch of Rod Serling."
— Thomas F. Monteleone

"A unique twist on the traditional vampire myth."
— Nancy A. Collins

"One of the great vampire novels.
— Joe R. Lansdale