A Little Brown Book of Unnatural Narratives

A Little Brown Book of Unnatural Narratives

  • Author: Arthur Machen
  • Editor: Bentley Little
  • Pub. Date: 2022
  • Status: Forthcoming




A new book in the Borderlands Press "Little Books" Series!

A Little Brown Book of Unnatural Narratives by Arthur Machen
edited by Bentley Little

Publisher: Borderlands Press
Publication Date: 2022
Signed Limited Edition: SIGNED by Bentley Little
Retail Price: $30

About the Series:
Introducing the 3nd volume of “Little Books” Series IV  — Past Masters of Horror and Dark Fantasy.

Series IV will feature the seminal works of many of the progenitors of the horror and dark fantasy genres.

Each volume will be edited and signed by a contemporary writer or editor in the field.

From Bentley Little’s Introduction: “I read everything by Machen I could get my hands on, although for a long time that was not much. Here and there, in old anthologies picked up at used bookstores or library book sales, I would come across a random story, usually one I had already read (more often than not “The Great God Pan”). Periodically, I would stumble upon a piece that was new to me, and such a discovery was always exciting. I never encountered a bona fide Arthur Machen collection, but each time I happened upon a story with his name attached, I was inevitably impressed, blown away by the epic scope of his vision, enthralled by his unbridled imagination. Much of his fiction involves the existence of evil ancient beings, or terrible realities beyond the world in which we live, and that sensibility seeped even further into my own work. I explicitly referenced “The Great God Pan” in my novel The Ignored. And I adopted Machen’s oblique approach to cosmic horror in my novel The Influence.”

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