A Little Purple Book of Phantasies

A Little Purple Book of Phantasies

  • Author: Gahan Wilson
  • Pub. Date: August 2019
  • Status: Forthcoming

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A new book in the Borderlands Press acclaimed "Little Books" Series!

A Little Purple Book of Phantasies by Gahan Wilson
by Gahan Wilson

Publisher: Borderlands Press
Publication Date: Summer 2018
Signed Limited Edition: 500 numbered copies
Retail Price: $30

About the Book:
Stuart D. Schiff, World Fantasy Award-winning editor of the prestigious Whispers magazine and anthology series, has compiled a wonderful assortment of cartoons, illustrations, and short stories by the gifted artist and writer, Gahan Wilson.

Gahan enjoyed a long and spectacular career doing monthly cartoons for Playboy and The New Yorker magazines, as well as editing Horror and Suspense anthologies and writing his own magical and perverse tales. He now resides in an assisted living facility and was unable to sign this volume; Stuart D. Schiff signed this volume as the editor.

If you are not familiar with Gahan Wilson, you are in for a wonderful discovery. If you already know and love his work, this book will be a treasured addition to your shelves.

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