Cemetery Dance Out of Print Grab Bag!

Cemetery Dance Out of Print Grab Bag!

  • Status: Out of Print


This item is Out of Print and will not be available for purchase again.

Cemetery Dance "Out of Print" 5 Book Grab Bag!
Available While Supplies Last!

As you might recall, our warehouse is busy making room for new books that'll be arriving over the next few months, and next on their list is the OUT OF PRINT section of our overflow warehouse!

With this amazing deal, you will receive FIVE signed Limited Edition books that are OUT OF PRINT!

If you've never purchased any kind of Grab Bag from us before, you're in for a treat! These always prove to be extremely popular with our collectors, and we hear back from customers who are pleased that they took a chance on this deal. We will be using a mix of real numbers/letters and Publishers Copies, which are exactly the same in terms of production quality but have the letters PC on the numbering line instead of a number.

At just $69 plus shipping, this bundle is a terrific value given the combined original retail value of these books. That's wby this is one of our very best deals for adding some great collectibles to your collection in one fell swoop. The warehouse will be shipping these orders in late March, and if you order more than one Grab Bag, you may get duplicate items due to how these will be packed.

Here's what a few customers had to say about other deals like this we've offered:

"Just one more word of praise for this offer:  I couldn't believe the books that I'll be getting with this order!!  Each and every one of them is a book that I would have wanted to order immediately... Again, thank you so much for this fantastic offer!!  You have a customer for life!"

"HOLY CRAP! Got lots of great books at a HUGE discount, cannot wait to dive into them. Thank you guys, keep up the great work!"

"Thanks very much to Cemetery Dance for putting these together. I think the grab bags that you guys do are one of the best deals going and a great way to add to a collection. I look forward to the next round!"

"In a word, amazing. That's the kind of 'customer thank you' that will keep me buying from you for years to come."

Please Note: Shipping is charged on each order. If you order more than one Grab Bag, you could get the same items since these will be packed in groups. You may receive items you've already ordered from us, we do not look at your account when we're shipping these deals. It's the luck of the draw. We will be using Publisher Copies, but they are new and unread.