The Cemetery Dance Ultimate Collection: EVERYTHING For One Low Price!

The Cemetery Dance Ultimate Collection: EVERYTHING For One Low Price!

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"The Cemetery Dance Ultimate Collection"
Everything CD In Our Store -- in stock and forthcoming! -- for One Low Price!

$12,000 Retail Value!
Save Over 70% Today and Start the ULTIMATE Small Press Collection!

Today we have a special offer that will either complete your collection or start you toward having one of the largest collections of our books, magazines, and comics ever!

Even if you already have a large collection of our books or a good number of preorders with us, this deal is still an amazing savings because you'll end up with so many valuable books and you can always sell or trade any duplicates... or you can stash them away to sell in the future when they're worth even more... or you can take care of all of your gift giving occasions for many years to come!

If you're a bookseller, or if you have ever thought about going into the business, this deal is a GREAT way to add A LOT of inventory to your store with one quick, low-priced purchase! (We're pretty sure you'll never see this kind of discount from us or anyone else for brand new books and magazines!)

So what is The Cemetery Dance Ultimate Collection? Simple: this special offer is your chance to purchase EVERYTHING CEMETERY DANCE currently listed for sale in our online store -- in-stock AND forthcoming trade hardcovers, Limited Editions, Lettered Editions, magazines, comics, t-shirts, and more -- for ONE LOW PRICE!

That's right! You'll receive ALL of the in-stock items in one huge first shipment later this month and then ALL of the preorders as they are published -- plus lifetime subscriptions to Cemetery Dance magazine and the Grave Tales comic! So you'll receive books for the next few years and every issue of the magazine and comic for the rest of your life!

Some of the big items you'll receive in your first shipment include:

* DOZENS of in-stock Trade Hardcovers, signed Limited Editions, signed & traycased Lettered Editions with retail values totaling around $1,800!
* Over a dozen in-stock magazines with a current retail value of $275
* Cemetery Dance Magazine Lifetime Subscription: $175
* Grave Tales Lifetime Subscription: $99
* Cemetery Dance Magazine Hardcover Signed Limited Edition Subscription: $349


We'll include at least $500 worth of Out of Print books with your initial shipment! These books could include ANYTHING we've published from 1988 through this year, but we'll make sure at least a couple of them are highly sought after titles any collector would love to have!

Some of the possible titles include the signed limited editions of October Dreams, The Stephen King Universe, Ray Bradbury's collection, The Stickmen by Edward Lee, The Best of Cemetery Dance, Looking Glass, The Cellar and other Richard Laymon titles, and many others!

The FIRST TWO customers to take advantage of this offer will include a signed publisher's copy of The Secretary of Dreams by Stephen King!

The initial shipment of books, magazines, subscriptions, and the bonus books will be worth around $3,500!!

But that's not all you'll be getting with the The Cemetery Dance Ultimate Collection! Don't forget that you'll also be added to the list to receive EVERY forthcoming trade hardcover, Limited Edition, and Lettered Edition that is still available for sale on our site today!

You'll get the two volume trade hardcover set of The Century's Best Horror Fiction which retails for $150! You'll get the trade, Limited, and Lettered Editions of In Laymon's Terms, a combined value of $440! You'll get the $150 Limited Edition of Dark Delicacies, plus the $450 Lettered Edition! You'll get three Simon Clark books worth $120, in addition to the in-stock Clark book that will come in your initial shipment! You'll get slipcased and oversized special editions like Stephen King's The Dark Tower: The Complete Concordance and Stephen King: The Non-Fiction! Trade Editions, Limited Editions, Lettered Editions -- they're all included!

The total retail value of the preorders in this deal is nearly $8,500!!!

And the total value of your initial in-stock shipment, including lifetime subscriptions and bonus books, will be around $3,500!

So that's $12,000 worth of books, magazines, comics, and more for one low price!

And what is that price? Just $3499 plus shipping, a savings of 70% off the retail value!!

In fact, the price for this deal just barely covers the retail cost of YOUR INITIAL SHIPMENT! So it's like you're getting your entire money's worth right up front -- and then ALL of the preorders for FREE!! You will never be able to beat this deal!

But we're only selling FIVE sets of the The Cemetery Dance Ultimate Collection, and we know they won't last long because we've had customers asking about this kind of package for years now. Please note that several of the in-stock and forthcoming Lettered Editions have less than five copies left available so those will be included on a first come, first served basis. If you have any questions, please contact us via email while supplies last!

Place your order before time runs out! These won't last for long!

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(No coupons, gift certificates, or discounts of any kind can be used to purchase this offer because of the large discount involved. All decisions of Cemetery Dance are final. Some or all of the bonus books may be publisher's copies depending on the title. Not included in this deal are the regular magazine and comic subscriptions since you'll be receiving a lifetime subscription to both. Other Publishers' Books and books that are Out of Print or already Sold Out in preorder are not included. Contents of your initial shipment are at the sole discretion of Cemetery Dance but will be worth, in total, at least the advertised amount above. Initial shipment value includes the price of the lifetime subscriptions. Preorders you've already placed become non-refundable if you order this special offer due to the large discount involved in this deal. Non-US shipping will be paid on a shipment-by-shipment basis. If you are unable to pay for the shipping fees as each set of books is prepared to be shipped, we cannot hold that shipment for you. We cannot be responsible for non-US shipments that are lost in the mail or any taxes or duties related to such shipments. US shipping costs will be a flat rate of $149 charged at the time you order. If you have any questions, please contact us before placing your order.)