Out of Print Sales

Out of Print Sales

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Cemetery Dance Collectors Club Members Only Special Offer!

After years of putting it off, we finally inventoried our climate controlled storage unit that we've had since the days when we were working out of the boss's house. (That was a LONG time ago.) Over the years, boxes of extra books were sent over there when we ran out of room in our main warehouse and then forgotten about. Well, now we know what we have, and we've decided it's time to release some of these extra copies to collectors because what's the point of leaving beautiful books in storage boxes for all of eternity, right?

** How we're selling some of these books...

What we're going to do is post a handful of these books for sale on this product page on our website JUST for the members of the CDCC. As soon as the books are posted, we'll send you an email so you can come directly to this page and look at the new options and order whatever you would like.

All we ask is that you limit yourself to ONE copy of each title and please do NOT share the information about this deal anywhere because we only have a handful of copies of each title.

Remember, these will be publisher's copies and they have been locked away for decades in some cases, so we don't have replacement copies if something goes wrong in transit. We do suggest UPS shipping for these items. Like always, we'll wrap the books in a bubble bag and pack them in boxes with ample packing peanuts, but if there's a problem along the way, we'll only be able to offer you a refund, not a new copy. Sorry!

** The next available titles are...

• The Passage by Justin Cronin:
The signed editions of this title sold out within FOUR hours of being officially announced and we shut down the Waiting List after nearly 500 people signed up, so this is a great opportunity to grab this signed Limited Edition hardcover at a great price!
Cover Artwork

• The Stephen King Universe by Stanley Wiater & Christopher Golden with Hank Wagner
Spanning 50 detailed chapters and more than 130,000 words in length, The Stephen King Universe is an exhaustive look at all of Stephen King's fiction and is accurately subtitled: A Guide to the Worlds of Stephen King. These copies are not slipcased, but they are signed by all three authors.
Cover Artwork

• The Arthur Darknell Double by Ray Garton:
This special deluxe edition was crafted in the tradition of the old Ace Doubles. When you finish the first novel, flip the book over and start the second one! Each side featured its own cover artwork created in the classic pulp tradition, and there were nearly twenty black and white illustrations in the book.
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REMEMBER: Please do not share these details anywhere because our supplies are extremely limited.