• Author: Ray Garton
  • Pub. Date: Summer
  • Status: Forthcoming

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by Ray Garton

Publisher: Gauntlet Press
Publication Date: Summer

About the Book:
When Emily Crane's car breaks down on a dark, lonely road at night, she is attacked and raped by a man she kills in self-defense. That night, the dead rapist walks out of the morgue. Later, Emily begins to experience strange cravings and her body undergoes terrifying changes.

When brutal killings leave victims partially eaten in the northern California coastal town of Big Rock, Sheriff Arlin Hurley scoffs at the talk of werewolves . . . until a tuft of wolf’s fur is found on a victim. It soon becomes clear that whatever is responsible for the killings, it is not alone. There are more than one. And they are doing something much worse than killing and eating people.

Nearly twenty-five years ago, Ray Garton reinvented the vampire mythos with his erotic novel Live Girls. Now he has updated the curse of the werewolf in Ravenous.

Richard Chizmar will write an afterword and sign the lettered edition.

500-copy numbered edition signed by Garton is $60
52-copy traycased lettered edition signed by Garton and Richard Chizmar is $150