New Cemetery Dance Review Copy Grab Bag For 2018!

New Cemetery Dance Review Copy Grab Bag For 2018!

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The First Cemetery Dance Review Copy Grab Bag For 2018!
Three Review Copies Included In Each Grab Bag!

We're clearing out the review copy shelf of our warehouse to make room for a bunch of new books, and to get these shelves empty in a hurry we've decided to sell everything off via one of our always popular (and heavily discounted) Grab Bags!

For those who don't know, Advance Review Copies are trade paperback versions of books that are printed before the actual first printing so that reviewers and booksellers can read the book before the general public. These advance versions often vary a little from the finished book — there might be artwork to come or proofreading corrections to be made, although from time to time a major change might occur — and there's often only 20 to 25 review copies printed, which can make it the most hard-to-find version of any book.

Each Grab Bag will feature three review copies and there's a great mix of big names and newer voices available. Some of these review copies are for books we published years ago, some are for books from earlier this year, and several are for books we're not publishing until much later this year! A FEW OF THE TITLES WE'RE USING INCLUDE BOOKS BY STEPHEN KING!

If you've never purchased a Grab Bag before, you're in for a treat! We always hear back from customers who are extremely pleased that they took a chance on this random assortment of items — it's a fantastic way to build your collection! And with this deal, who knows what kind of cool collectibles you'll end up with!

Here's what one customer had to say about another Grab Bag we offered:

"Just one more word of praise for this offer:  I couldn't believe the books that I'll be getting with this order!!  Each and every one of them is a book that I would have wanted to order immediately... Again, thank you so much for this fantastic offer!!  You have a customer for life!"

These Grab Bags are being put together right now to ship later this month and we're selling them for just $79 plus shipping, but if you're interested in taking advantage of this offer, you'd better hurry because these will NOT last long!

Please Note: Shipping is charged on each Grab Bag you order. If you order multiple sets, you may get the same books in each set because these bundles are already being assembled and we have more of some titles than others. You may receive books you've already ordered from us, we do not look at your account when we're shipping Grab Bags. It's the luck of the draw. Thank you for your interest in our Grab Bags!