Stephen King Super Collector Bundle!

Stephen King Super Collector Bundle!

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This item is Out of Print and will not be available for purchase again.

Stephen King Super Collector Bundle -- INVITATION ONLY!

Please Note: Because of the extremely limited nature of this offer, only invited collectors may purchase this item. Please do NOT share the link or details elsewhere.

While organizing our office and warehouse recently, we determined we have just enough special Stephen King items ready to offer one of our extremely rare Stephen King Super Collector Bundles! Since these include one-of-a-kind production materials, they rank as one of the most unique and limited special offers we've ever created.

In this bundle, you will receive each of the following items:

* Stephen King slipcase "artwork" copper stamping die: these are VERY heavy and feature a reversed engraving of the artwork used from the cover of a Stephen King book to create the stamping design. Click on the image above to see a sample of what we mean. These are not small plates!

* Stephen King "text" copper stamping die: these are VERY heavy and feature at least Stephen King's name but may also include other stamping elements that were pressed in the same foil as his name.

* Out of Print SIGNED LIMITED EDITION Stephen King book published by Cemetery Dance Publications. These are Publisher's Copies, which are exactly the same as the numbered copies but have the letters PC on the signature sheet. Same production values, etc, just with that notation on the numbering line to indicate it was not part of the numbered run.

* Out of Print SLIPCASED GIFT EDITION by Stephen King published by Cemetery Dance Publications

* A very rare Stephen King "Interoffice Proof" -- these are printed BEFORE the official review copies and are bound in a trade paperback format for staff use only. These editions often feature no or different/alternate cover artwork than the finished book. In some cases, the interior text is not quite finalized and in one case there were hundreds of copyediting changes made between this stage and the final book, making it much closer to King's original manuscript than what would see print later on. Only TWENTY of these are printed for each book and at least half of those are "used up" in the production process.