The King of Shadows by Robert McCammon (Deluxe Trade Hardcover!)

The King of Shadows by Robert McCammon (Deluxe Trade Hardcover!)

  • Author: Robert McCammon
  • Artist: Vincent Chong
  • Pub. Date: December 6, 2022
  • ISBN: 978-1-941971-09-3
  • Status: Forthcoming




The King of Shadows
by Robert McCammon
A New Deluxe Trade Hardcover from Lividian Publications!

We're pleased to report we'll be getting copies of the deluxe trade hardcover of The King of Shadows by Robert McCammon, the eighth volume in his acclaimed Matthew Corbett series, which is being published by Lividian Publications.

This beautiful hardcover edition features new Vincent Chong color artwork for the dust jacket, which is different from the Limited Edition.

Retail Price: $37.50
Publication Date: December 2022
Page Count: TBD

Production Features:
• Full-color dust jacket artwork by Vincent Chong (different from the Limited Edition)
• Offset printed on an acid-free archival quality paper stock
• Hot foil stamping on the spine
• Smyth-sewn to create a more durable binding
• Twine head and tail bands
• Colored endpapers

About the Book:
It’s January of 1704, and Matthew Corbett continues his mission to Italy, accompanied by Hudson Greathouse and former enemy Professor Fell. They seek Brazio Valeriani and information about the mirror created by his father, the sorcerer Ciro. Legend claims the mirror can be used to summon demons from beyond

But fate has other plans for Matthew as their ship is disabled by a pod of whales, and they seek refuge on a secluded island. The islanders welcome them with a massive feast, but all is not what it seems. As the island pulls them deeper into its influence, the castaways struggle to maintain their grip on reality, even their very identity. Matthew must keep his wits about him and solve the mystery enshrouding the other side of the island, where an active volcano looms and a secretive creature lurks

The King of Shadows is the eighth installment in bestselling author Robert McCammon’s acclaimed series of historical thrillers featuring Matthew Corbett, a brave “problem-solver” who now faces a challenging foe that threatens to take over his most valuable resource: his own mind.

About the Author:
Robert McCammon is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty-six books. He is the winner of five Bram Stoker Awards and a World Fantasy Award. He is best known for Swan Song (1987), The Wolf’s Hour (1989), and i (1991). More recently, McCammon has published The Five, which Stephen King called his best novel ever, and i and is writing the Matthew Corbett series, a nine-book series of historical thrillers that USA Network has called “the Early American James Bond.” McCammon lives in Birmingham, Alabama.