The Last Night of October (eBook)

The Last Night of October (eBook)

  • Author: Greg Chapman
  • Page Count: 75 pages (estimated)
  • Pub. Date: September 11, 2016
  • Status: E-Book

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The Last Night of October
by Greg Chapman

About the eBook:
Seventy-year-old Gerald Forsyth dreads Halloween. Every year, on October 31st, a lone child has knocked on his door — a nightmarish reminder of a tragedy from Gerald's past. Each Halloween, Gerald has been able to keep his door locked and the monstrous memory at bay, but now the ravages of emphysema have left him a disgruntled and feeble-minded old man.

When a new hospice nurse named Kelli arrives unexpectedly to replace his regular nurse on Halloween night, Gerald is caught unawares. Before he can warn her, Kelli is inviting the threat into his home.

The horrors that unfold will be no trick, and the only treat the child will accept is the old man's soul. Before the night ends, Gerald will have no choice but to bring his dark secret into the light.

About the Author:
Greg Chapman is a horror author and artist from Australia. For more information, visit