2022 Stephen King Catalog Desk Calendar!

2022 Stephen King Catalog Desk Calendar!

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2022 Stephen King Catalog Desk Calendar and Journal

by Stephen King Catalog

The Stephen King Calendar is NOT just a calendar! Jammed packed full of art, photos, trivia, quotes, Stephen King history and MORE! You’ll enjoy the information and illustrations within for years to come.

Cover and interior art by Award-winning Maine artist, Glenn Chadbourne, the Stephen King Catalog Desk Calendar theme for 2022 features The Green Mile. 

With trivia, quizzes, quotes, facts, and informative articles covering the novel and the film, featuring Stephen King, artists, director, actors, writers with quotes on The Green Mile. 

• Original wraparound color cover by award-winning Maine artist Glenn Chadbourne!
• Bev Vincent delves into the history of The Green Mile and alt.books.stephen-king
• Stephen Spignesi reviews Stephen King's 2021 release, Billy Summers
• Tyson Blue interviews Michael Clarke Duncan's movie stand in, Rodney Barnes
• James Cole's A Visit to the Mile, a film set visit on Frank Darabont's The Green Mile film set.
• Mark Geyer interview the original artist of The Green Mile six paperback series
• PLUS! Mark Geyer Green Mile artwork!
• Andrew J. Rausch comparison of The Green Mile novel to film.
• Stephen King 2021: A Year in Review. Plus, what’s coming in 2022 from Stephen King!
• Drawings featured throughout the whole year, by artist Glenn Chadbourne.
• Calendar includes months January 2022 to December 2022
• Pages for notes, including anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasion reminders.

This oversized hardcover desk calendar measures 7 x 10 inches.


2021 Overlook Connection Press.