Brian Keene

Brian KeeneBrian Keene is the author of over twenty books, including Darkness on the Edge of Town, Kill Whitey, Urban Gothic, Castaways, Dead Sea, Ghoul, Unhappy Endings and many more. He also writes comic books such as The Last Zombie and Dead of Night: Devil Slayer. His work has been translated into German, Spanish, Polish, French and Taiwanese.

Several of his novels and stories have been optioned for film, one of which, The Ties That Bind, premiered on DVD in 2009 as a critically-acclaimed independent short. Keene’s work has been praised in such diverse places as The New York Times, The History Channel, The Howard Stern Show,, Publishers Weekly, Fangoria Magazine, and Rue Morgue Magazine.

In addition to being a prolific writer, Keene is also a popular public speaker, and has been invited to speak at a number of libraries, high schools, bookstores, and conventions. He was also invited to speak at the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters in 2006 and 2007.

Keene has spearheaded a successful Books For Troops program, in which various horror authors supplied free, signed books to American troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere around the world. Keene was honored for this in 2005 by the 509th Logistics Fuels Flight Squadron based at Whiteman A.F.B. in Missouri.

Keene lives in the backwoods of Central Pennsylvania.

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