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From A Buick 8In October of 2002, Cemetery Dance Publications released a special Limited Edition of Stephen King's From a Buick 8 in Gift, Limited, and Lettered states. Illustrated by the legendary Bernie Wrightson(artist for The Stand and Cycle of the Werewolf), the Cemetery Dance editions featured unique binding and endpapers, oversized design, and amazing artwork (both full-color and black-and-white interiors by Wrightson). The book sold out before publication (and the Limited and Lettered Editions sold out in less than 24 hours!) and now commands high prices on the secondary market, but some artwork, covers, and photos of the various editions are still available online.

The Secretary of DreamsIn December of 2006, we published a deluxe Limited Edition of The Secretary of Dreams, Stephen King's first-ever unabridged graphic short story collection. Featuring a half-dozen classic tales of terror personally selected by King, this collection presented his stories for the first time in the tradition of the pulp horror comics. Spanning close to 280 oversized pages, the hundreds of illustrations and full comic panels from acclaimed Maine artist Glenn Chadbourne transformed The Secretary of Dreams into a work of art. Not one word from King's stories was left out — instead they were brought to life by hundreds of pen and ink drawings by Chadbourne. Stories featured in this volume were: "Home Delivery,""Jerusalem's Lot," "The Reach," "The Road Virus Heads North," "Rainy Season," and "Uncle Otto's Truck."

In April 2010, Cemetery Dance surprised the publishing industry and King fans everywhere by announcing and publishing the hardcover edition of Blockade Billy by Stephen King, a previously unannounced, never-before-published novella set in the world of Major League Baseball. Customers who ordered the 10,000 copy first printing also received an authentic William "Blockade Billy" Blakely baseball card. The Cemetery Dance The Secretary of DreamsBlockade Billyhardcover edition represented the story's first print publication anywhere in the world and the first printing sold out in less than six weeks.

In October 2010, we published The Secretary of Dreams (Volume Two). This second venture into the world of Stephen King's stories contained more artwork and detailed illustrations that could only have come from the inspired hands of artist Glenn Chadbourne. An original Cemetery Dance Publications publishing event, this deluxe oversized hardcover edition is the World's First Edition and there are no other editions planned at this time. Samples of the artwork are available online and copies are still available for sale on our website.

Also in October 2010, we announced a deluxe Limited Edition of King's new book, Full Dark, No Stars. We brought together a team of five artists to create sixteen exclusive illustrations for our edition including B&W pieces and glossy color tip-ins. This fine collectible volume was available in three states printed in two colors on a high-quality paper, and the oversized Collector's Gift Edition was issued with the smallest print run of any Stephen King Gift Edition since we published From a Buick 8. The signed Lettered Edition sold out within 2 hours of being announced, the signed Limited Edition sold out within 12 hours, and the Slipcased Gift Edition also sold out just about two months after it was announced, making it our second Full Dark, No StarsStephen King book to ITcompletely sell out pre-publication. Full Dark, No Stars shipped in December 2010, exactly two months after it was publicly announced.

In May 2011, we announced a 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition of It by Stephen King, the classic (and massive!) novel he calls his "final exam on Famous Monsters" in his brand new afterword to this oversized special edition. The Deluxe signed Lettered Edition sold out in 25 minutes and, even with some serious server problems, the Deluxe signed Limited Edition sold out within 30 hours of being announced. It was published in December 2011 and the remaining copies of the Gift Edition sold out in 2012.

In February 2013, we announced our deluxe Limited Edition of Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, which will be published in September 2013. The Lettered Edition sold out in 75 minutes, the Limited Edition sold out in 4.5 hours, and the Gift Edition sold out exactly one week after it was announced, which is the fastest a Stephen King Gift Edition has ever sold out for us.

Doctor SleepThe Dark ManIn May 2013, we surprised the publishing industry and King fans everywhere again by announcing the World's First hardcover edition of The Dark Man by Stephen King, a unique addition to the King canon, an eighty-eight page poem featuring extraordinarily detailed Glenn Chadbourne illustrations on every page. This beautiful hardcover book is an incredible blending of King's words with Chadbourne's art to create a page turning experience you can return to again and again, always finding new details hidden in every illustration. Both signed editions sold out in less than two hours, but copies of the trade hardcover are still available.

In April 2014, we announced an exclusive deal to produce a six volume set of special collectible editions of Stephen King's early books that were originally published by Doubleday back in the 1970s and early 1980s. These books are Carrie, 'Salem's Lot, The Shining, Night Shift, The Stand, and Pet Sematary.

CarrieGwendy's Button BoxIn July 2016, we announced and published Six Scary Stories selected and introduced by Stephen King, stories King discovered when he judged a competition run by Hodder & Stoughton and the Guardian to celebrate publication of his own collection The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. He was so impressed with the entries that he recommended they be published together in one book, which Cemetery Dance Publications and Hodder & Stoughton were pleased make a reality.

In March 2017, Cemetery Dance Publications surprised the publishing industry and King fans everywhere by announcing the world's first hardcover edition of Gwendy's Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar! This exclusive hardcover edition is the only trade edition planned anywhere in the world at this time.

Cemetery Dance Publications has also published several of King's shorter works in our hardcover books:

• "The Road Virus Heads North" in 999
• "One for the Road" in Legacies
• "Autopsy Room Four" in Robert Bloch's Psychos
• "Chattery Teeth" in The Best of Cemetery Dance
• "The Reaper's Image" in Great Ghost Stories
Six Stephen King poems were collected in The Devil's Wine
The first publication of a very long chapter from King's "lost" 1970 novel Sword in the Darkness appeared in Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished
"My Little Serrated Security Blanket," a rare essay by King, is reprinted in Stephen King: The Non-Fiction
"The Crate," a long lost novella from the late 1970s, was published in Shivers VI
"Weeds," a long lost short story from the late 1970s, will be published in Shivers VII

And many issues of Cemetery Dance magazine have featured Stephen King including:

• an original Stephen King short story entitled "Chattery Teeth" in issue #14
• transcript of King's Q&A session at Cornell University in issue #22
• visit with Stephen King, Tom Hanks, and Frank Darabont together on the movie set of The Green Mile in issue #30
• photo essay of King's office and an exclusive interview with his office staff in issue #31
• Stephen King's long interview in the magazine's special 50th issue
• preview of The Colorado Kid by Stephen King in #53
• feature review of Under the Dome by Stephen King in #63
• an exclusive excerpt of Blockade Billy by Stephen King in #64
• the long lost Stephen King short story entitled "The Glass Floor" in issue #68

In addition, News from the Dead Zone is the only regularly-published feature column devoted to Stephen King, and it only appears in Cemetery Dance magazine. This column features exclusive insider information on all Stephen King news — past, present and future. If you loved the old Castle Rock newsletter, you'll love News from the Dead Zone. Click here to subscribe today!

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