Shivers VI

Shivers VI

  • Editor: Richard Chizmar
  • Artist: Gail Cross
  • Page Count: 410
  • Pub. Date: January 1, 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-58767-224-8
  • Status: In-Stock

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Featuring Stephen King, Peter Straub, Al Sarrantonio, Jay Bonansinga, David B. Silva, Melanie Tem, Brian Keene, Brian Hodge, Jack Kilborn, and many others!

PW Star"The uniformly high quality of writing makes this volume a must for any horror fan."
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Shivers VI
edited by Richard Chizmar

Update for Collectors:
The signed editions sold out within 72 hours of being officially announced.

About the Book:
Cemetery Dance Publications is proud to announce the sixth entry in this award-nominated and best-selling anthology series! Shivers VI is by far the largest volume to date and the first volume in the series to be published as Limited Edition and Lettered Edition hardcovers signed by the editor for the collectors in addition to the affordable trade paperback edition for general readers!

Shivers VI weighs in at 410 pages and contains more than 110,000 words from today's most popular authors of horror and suspense including Stephen King, Peter Straub, Al Sarrantonio, Jay Bonansinga, Lisa Tuttle, David B. Silva, Melanie Tem, Brian Hodge, Brian Keene, Alan Peter Ryan, Blake Crouch and Jack Kilborn, Bev Vincent, Brian James Freeman, Norman Prentiss, and many others.

Two of the longest pieces are "The Crate" by Stephen King, his long lost novella that has never appeared in any of his collections, and "A Special Place: The Heart of A Dark Matter" by Peter Straub, a novella that is "creepy to the core" and "shines a terrible light on the backstory of Straub's acclaimed A Dark Matter" according to the coveted Starred Review from Publishers Weekly.

Featuring original dark fiction with a handful of rare reprints, Shivers VI is available only from Cemetery Dance Publications.

Table of Contents:
"Serial" by Blake Crouch & Jack Kilborn
"The Crate" a novella by Stephen King
"The Last Beautiful Day" by Brian James Freeman
"Cobwebs" by Kealan Patrick Burke
"The Old Ways" by Norman Prentiss
"Waiting for Darkness" by Brian Keene
"Like Lick 'Em Sticks, Like Tina Fey" by Glen Hirshberg
"Ghost Writer in My Eye" by Wayne Allen Sallee
"Palisado" by Alan Peter Ryan
"Stillness" by Richard Thomas
"In the Raw" by Brian Hodge
"I Found a Little Hole" by Nate Southard
"Fallow" by Scott Nicholson
"Last" by Al Sarrantonio
"Mole" by Jay Bonansinga
"The Shoes" by Melanie Tem
"Bits and Pieces" by Lisa Tuttle
"Trouble Follows" by David B. Silva
"Keeping It in the Family" by Robert Morrish
"It Is the Tale" by Bev Vincent
"A Special Place: The Heart of a Dark Matter" a novella by Peter Straub

"PW StarThis sixth more or less annual mix of reprint and original stories celebrates some of the best and brightest talents who contribute regularly to Chizmar’s genre-leading magazine Cemetery Dance. Stephen King tops the list with “The Crate,” a darkly funny monster-on-the rampage tale rarely reprinted since its first publication in 1979. Lisa Tuttle’s “Bits and Pieces” is a deft and disturbing fantasia on the battle of the sexes, and Peter Straub’s novella “A Special Place: The Heart of a Dark Matter” is a grim tale whose stand-alone incarnation was named one of 2010’s best books by PW. The other 18 stories, which include work by Glen Hirshberg, Melanie Tem, Brian Hodge, and David B. Silva, run the gamut from supernatural terror to psychological suspense, and from subtle dark fantasy to violence and gore. The uniformly high quality of writing makes this volume a must for any horror fan."
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Chizmar’s horror anthology series rolls merrily—or, rather, scarily—along. The contributors constitute the usual blend of genre stars (Straub, King, Tuttle) and up-and-comers, and the stories are uniformly fine. They range from novellas, including King’s “The Crate” (adapted for the screen in the anthology film, Creepshow) and Straub’s “A Special Place” (a spin-off from the novel A Dark Matter), to very short pieces, such as Wayne Allen Sallee’s “Ghost Writer in My Eye,” narrated by a character in another writer’s stories, and Brian Keene’s “Waiting for Darkness,” barely a page long but sure to stick in your mind for a troublingly long time. While some stories have a fantasy element, others are full-on, real-world horror; for instance, Blake Crouch and Jack Kilborn’s “Serial,” about a guy who kills hitchhikers, a female hitchhiker who kills whoever picks her up, and what happens when they meet (like others in the book, this story is definitely not for the squeamish). The Shivers anthologies have always been indispensable for genre fans, and this one is no exception."

Richard ChizmarRichard Chizmar is the founder and publisher/editor of Cemetery Dance magazine and the Cemetery Dance Publications book imprint. He has edited more than a dozen anthologies, including The Best of Cemetery Dance, The Earth Strikes Back, Night Visions 10, October Dreams (with Robert Morrish), and the Shivers series. Together Chizmar and Johnathon Schaech founded production company Chesapeake Films, and they've written screenplays and teleplays for United Artists, Showtime, Sony Screen Gems, Lions Gate, NBC, and many other companies. Their first projects include adaptations of Stephen King's From a Buick 8, Douglas Clegg's The Hour Before Dark, Stephen King's and Peter Straub's Black House, Ed Gorman's The Poker Club, as well as episodes of Showtime's Masters of Horror and NBC's Fear Itself.

Published in three states:
• Trade Paperback ($20)
• Hardcover Limited Edition of 750 copies signed by the editor, bound in full-cloth, and Smyth sewn ($40)
• Deluxe Traycased Lettered Edition of 52 hardcover copies signed by the editor and lettered, bound in leather with a satin ribbon page marker ($175)