Grave Tales Comic Book

Grave TalesAn original horror anthology comic book presented by the World Fantasy Award-winning magazine Cemetery Dance on a rather irregular schedule, each issue of Grave Tales features three tales of terror from today's most popular authors. Recent issues have also included a "short short" prose story in the Grave Tales style.

If you were a fan of the old Warren comics (Creepy and Eerie) and the legendary EC horror books (such as Tales From the Crypt and The Vault of Horror), you will absolutely love Grave Tales! This is good, old-fashioned horror, folks!

Past issues have featured writing by Joe Hill, Richard Laymon, Ed Gorman, Rick Hautala, Edward Lee, Al Sarrantonio, Nancy A. Collins, Thomas F. Monteleone, Gary Raisor, Peter Crowther, Bob Morrish, William F. Nolan, and Ray Garton along with artwork by Glenn Chadbourne, Erik Wilson, Eric Powell, Will Renfro, Earl Geier, Joe Vigil, Seth Fisher and Langdon Foss, and Jake Allen.