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Your satisfaction is important to us! If you need help or have any questions, please use the appropriate email address below:

Our Email Addresses:
• General questions and comments: [email protected]
• Questions about a past or pending order: [email protected]
• Technical problems with the website: [email protected]

Some Tips For Contacting Us:
• Please remember to use a descriptive subject line that will allow us to find your email in our Junk Mail folders if it is accidentally tagged as spam. "No Subject" or (no subject) or something generic like "My Order" or "Hi There" will often get missed if it is mixed in with all the spam, but "Blockade Billy" or "Stephen King order question" will not.

• Please only send your email to the appropriate department listed above. Emails sent to multiple addresses have a greater chance of being tagged as spam.

• Cemetery Dance does not accept submissions, proposals, or queries via email. Please see our Submission Guidelines Page for more information. Thank you.

• We're often deep into production meetings or working in the warehouse so there isn't always someone available to answer the phone. If you reach our voice mail system, please leave a DETAILED message with your name, what you're calling about, and your contact information (including an email address if possible). Include as much information as you can (such as an order number or the title of the book, etc) because that will allow us do any research we need to do about your question and then call or email you back with the information you need.

• If you leave a message, someone will return the call, but depending on the volume of calls received, it could be a day or two. Or you can always contact us via email, which is answered all hours of the day, every day of the week.