Cemetery Dance Signature Series

Cemetery Dance Signature Series

The Cemetery Dance Signature Series is an exclusive line of special edition books designed specifically for collectors. This unique series of art-oriented, high-end collectible books have some of the lowest print runs of any book we publish. Each book contains up to 20,000 words by horror's best and brightest authors, and the books feature more interior artwork, spot artwork, and other illustrations than almost anything else we publish!

In addition to all of the interior artwork, each title in the Cemetery Dance Signature Series has illustrated endpapers and a unique "art based" signature sheet. Each book is bound in high quality cloth with unique stamping. These books have a taller, yet more compact trim size to make them really different than anything anyone else is publishing. For this series we work with your favorite Cemetery Dance artists to create unique works of art that you'll only find here!

Previous contributors to these books include: Ray Garton, Al Sarrantonio, Simon Clark, James Newman, Kealan Patrick Burke, Brian Keene, Jay Bonansinga, Norman Prentiss, Brian James Freeman, James A. Moore, Mick Garris, Douglas Clegg, Joe Hill, and many others.

Previous artists include: Alan M. Clark, Erin Wells, Keith Minnion, Glenn Chadbourne, Alex McVey, Jill Bauman, William Stout, Vincent Chong, and Steven C. Gilberts.

Please Note: Many of the books listed below are Out of Print, and books in the Cemetery Dance Signature Series do often sell out before they are published, but we list all of the titles we've published in the series on this page for easy reference for our collectors.