Cemetery Dance Novella Series

Cemetery Dance Novella SeriesThe Cemetery Dance Novella Series is an exclusive series of limited edition books featuring short original novels of horror and suspense by some of the finest authors of imaginative fiction.

Each book is approximately 100 to 160 pages in length, signed by the author, fully illustrated, and features all our usual high production standards, such as full-cloth binding, acid-free paper, and smyth-sewn binding. Each book is numbered on the front of the dust jacket and also on the spine (inside a tombstone!) to encourage the collectability of the series, and each title is currently limited to 750 signed and numbered copies and 26 signed and lettered copies.

The Cemetery Dance Novella Series has proven to be a big favorite among readers and serious book collectors alike, with many of the early titles selling on the secondary market for far above their original retail price.

Past authors include Richard Laymon, Ray Garton, Douglas Clegg, Edward Lee, William F. Nolan, Jack Ketchum, Graham Masterton, Rick Hautala, David Niall Wilson, Ed Gorman & Tom Piccirilli, Geoff Cooper, T.M. Wright, Brian Freeman, John Pelan, Christopher Golden, Brian Keene, Lee Thomas, Tim Curran, Norman Prentiss, and Greg Gifune.

Please Note: Almost all of the books listed below are Out of Print and cannot be purchased through our online store, but we leave them listed here for our collectors for easy reference.