Cemetery Dance Production Updates

Last updated May 17, 2023

UPDATE on A Face in the Crowd/The Longest December:
Unfortunately, paper shortages and printer delays strike once again! We just learned that the trade hardcover of our double book, A Face in the Crowd/The Longest December will be another 3-4 weeks before copies are ready to ship to us. We have several thousand individual pre-orders for this title, as well as five-figure quantities going to online and brick-and-mortar booksellers, so this extended delay is troublesome. Alas, we are at the printer’s mercy and there is nothing we can do about it. We may decide to run a relatively low number of POD hardcover copies to fulfill retail purchase orders that expire soon, but longtime customers and booksellers will receive the more finely-crafted edition produced by our printer.
Q) Where are the trade hardcover of Gothic and DMV?
A) Due to a clerical error, there was a delay on the incoming batch of trade hardcovers, including Gothic and DMV. The confusion has been resolved, the printers are actively printing these items and we are making every attempt to have them rushed to us.
Q) Why is my Artist Edition waiting on a Lettered Edition signature?
A) Our printer has a minimum run they are willing to print, so we have to simultaneously print the lettered and the artist editions. This can lead to delays on some artist editions. We request your patience in providing the absolute best product possible!
Q) What does “pre-printing check” mean?

A) Many of these projects were previously deemed “Ready for Printer” but they were designated as such long before the current team’s time. In an effort to avoid errors or potential miscommunication, one last proofing/design check may be required, simply to satisfy our paranoia! You’ve waited this long, now we want to make sure you are fully satisfied with your final product.

Q) Why aren’t all the “ready for printer” things actively printing? 

A) We are working on catching our projects up, item by item, but it does take time! We had several years of production difficulties while we continued to prepare projects for printing. Our preferred printer is small (tiny compared to the previous one!) and can only handle so many tasks at a given time. Their quality, however, is great. We are chipping at the block of prepped projects but if you have inquiries about specific ones, please feel free to contact us!

Q) Where are the products not on the list?
A) The list is NOT all-encompassing. Other publisher books, grab bags, bonus items, etc., are not going on this list. Other items have not been announced, or may have simply never been added. Some items may even be printing but not yet mentioned on the list. We will attempt to continue adding and updating so that the page is better informative. Please reach out with questions for items not contained here and we’ll try to get it added. 

Trade and Limited Editions:
Best of Shivers edited by Richard Chizmar:
One of the authors has not sent back sig sheets for several years. If we have not reached them by this summer, we will print new sig sheets excluding them and get this show on the road! (3/31/2023)
Caretakers by Tabitha King:
PRINTING. Its arrival is anticipated this spring. (3/31/2023)
Cemetery Dance Magazine #79:
Design and content stage is well underway. It is expected to print and ship within the year. (3/31/2023)
Dark Debts by Karen Hall:
The book is fully designed and we’re waiting on completion of the introduction. (3/31/2023)
Dark Places by Gillian Flynn:
Working with the author to schedule the signing of the sig sheets. (3/31/2023)
Dark Screams edited by Richard Chizmar and Brian James Freeman:


Dissonant Harmonies by Brian Keene and Bev Vincent:


A Face in the Crowd and The Longest December by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar:

PRINTING (The printing process has experienced delays, please see the notice up top. We will update as information becomes available. Additional updates on the Limited Edition will be added.) (5/17/2023)

Four Shadows:

Pre-Printing Check. (3/31/2023)

Pre-Printing Check. (3/31/2023)

Flight or Fright edited by Stephen King and Bev Vincent:

The artist edition is waiting on a signature for the lettered editions. (3/31/2023)

The Girl Who Builds Monsters by Brian James Freeman:

The Limited Edition is READY FOR PRINTER. SLIPCASES PENDING. (3/31/2023)

 Gwendy’s Final Task by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar:
The Limited Edition is in design. Tentatively looking for a 2024 publication. (3/31/2023)

Halloween Carnival edited by Brian James Freeman:

Pre-Printing Check. (3/31/2023)

Husks by Glen Krisch (Cemetery Dance Collectors Club 10):

Pre-Printing Check. (3/31/2023)

In Sunlight or In Shadow edited by Lawrence Block:

Pre-Printing Check. (3/31/2023)

 In the Porches of My Ears by Norman Prentiss:
READY FOR PRINTER. Planned to print with the rest of the Forthcoming Grab Bag deal. (3/31/2023)

PRINTING. Anticipated to arrive in the next two weeks. As the slipcase has not yet been produced, we will ship the book and slipcase separately to get your books to you faster. It’s gorgeous. (5/17/2023)

Intro to Alien Invasion by Owen King and Mark Jude Poirier:


Killer Crimes edited by Richard Chizmar and Brian James Freeman (Cemetery Dance Exclusive Collectors Set #3):

Pre-Printing Check. (3/31/2023) 

Mr. Darkness by Douglas Clegg:

As the finished manuscript has not yet been provided, we are unable to give a production plan update. Please reach out to cancel your order if the wait is too long! (3/31/2023)

Seasons of Terror edited by Richard Chizmar:

The Limited Edition is waiting on Simon Schuster, as they have rights to first publication via their trade edition. We will not have more information until they produce their edition. (3/31/2023)

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn:


Shivers VIII edited by Richard Chizmar:

The Limited Edition is READY FOR PRINTER.(3/31/2023)

Shocklines: Fresh Voices in Terror edited by Richard Chizmar and Matt Schwartz:

READY FOR PRINTER. (3/31/2023)

The Stand by Stephen King:

We are finishing up the slipcase/traycase design. We are scheduled to receive and ship this autumn. (3/31/2023)

READY FOR PRINTER. (3/31/2023) 

Suffer the Children by John Saul:

Pre-Printing Check. Planned to print with the rest of the Forthcoming Grab Bag Deal. (3/31/2023)

10/31: The Butcher’s Story by Norman Partridge (Four Days of Halloween promotion, Formerly called Oktober Shadows):

As the finished manuscript has not yet been provided, we are unable to give a production plan update. Please reach out to cancel your order if the wait is too long! (3/31/2023)

Tomorrow’s Journal by Dominick Cancilla:

READY FOR PRINTER. Planned to print with the rest of the Forthcoming Grab Bag Deal. (3/31/2023)

Turn Down the Lights edited by Richard Chizmar:

Limited edition requires a Pre-Printing Check. (3/31/2023)

Waiting by Rick Hautala (Cemetery Dance Book Club #4):

Pre-Printing Check. (3/31/2023)

Pre-Printing Check. (3/31/2023)

Other Books:

Cemetery Dance Select Series:
The launch titles for Cemetery Dance Select Series will be sent to the printer together, so they can be published and shipped together.

Cemetery Dance Magazine Hardcovers:
The Cemetery Dance magazine hardcovers have been in a holding pattern while we searched for a new printer who could produce this trim size with our preferred binding style (to keep them all looking the same), but we’re pleased to report we’ve found a printer and they’re printing some samples for us now. If all goes well, we’ll have FIVE issues of the magazine out in hardcover at the same time.

Custom Slipcases:

We expect this to be ready in 2023. (3/31/2023)

We expect this to be ready in 2024. (3/31/2023)
SHIPPING. (5/17/2023)
We expect this to be ready in 2024 (3/31/2023)

Lettered Editions:
Finishing Traycase Production: (3/31/2023)

Stephen King Movie Trivia, Best of Cemetery Dance 2, Southern Reach Trilogy, Night Shift

Finishing Traycase Design: (3/31/2023)

Best of Cemetery Dance 2, Lost and Lonely, Strange Weather, Gwendy’s Final Task

Thank you for your patience!