Darkness Whispers BRAND NEW Trade Paperback From JournalStone!

We’re thrilled to report Darkness Whispers, the first-ever collaboration by Richard Chizmar and Brian James Freeman, is being published as an affordable trade paperback edition from JournalStone Publishing!

Best of all, any copies ordered through our online store this week will be SIGNED by the authors free of charge!

PLUS: We’re offering Free Shipping on Darkness Whispers for ALL US addresses this week only!!Darkness Whispers

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Witchboard of the Dead

Tawny Kitaen is completely to blame for my messing with dead people.

In lieu of today’s penchant to never take personal responsibility, I’m quite comfortable laying all of this at Tawny’s lovely feet. Mind you, I’ve never met the woman. However, I feel as if she’s an old friend with wild and wonderful scarlet hair thanks to Bachelor Party, writhing on the hood of a car in Whitesnake’s video for “Here I Go Again,” and last but not least, 1986’s Ouija horror film, Witchboard.Continue Reading

Night of the Living Dead: The Novel — John A. Russo Signed Limited Edition Hardcover!

We’re taking our final orders for the signed Limited Edition hardcover of Night of the Living Dead: The Novel by John A. Russo from Gauntlet Press, and don’t forget that this stunning new Limited Edition includes Russo’s never-before-published screenplay “Spawn of the Living Dead” as a special bonus feature!Night of the Living Dead

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Ask Richard Chizmar ANYTHING Today at 1 PM Eastern Today on Reddit!

Richard Chizmar is doing his FIRST-EVER Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) at 1 PM Eastern today and he can’t wait to answer your questions! Who knows if we’ll ever talk him into doing this sort of thing again, so be there if you can!Richard Chizmar AMA

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Review: ‘Come to Dust’ by Bracken MacLeod

Come to Dust by Bracken MacLeod
JournalStone (June 23, 2017)
$17.95 paperback; $4.95 e-book
Reviewed by Frank Michaels Errington

Last year, I got to read Bracken MacLeod’s Stranded. Sixteen crew members of the Arctic Promise become ice bound under strange circumstances. If you haven’t read it, you should. It’s one of 2016’s better reads.

Bracken’s new release, Come To Dust, is even better. Continue Reading

Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King: Sneak Peek At More Interior Artwork!

Jana Heidersdorf is making amazing progress on the artwork for our special edition of Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King, and we wanted to take a moment to show you a few of the paintings she has delivered for this project:

Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauties


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Stephen King: News from the Dead Zone #199

Stephen King News From the Dead Zone

There’s Something in The Mist

Bridgeville, Maine is a pretty little town.

Unless you look closely, that is.

Spike TV’s THE MIST, based on a story by Stephen King, premieres Thursday, June 22 at 10 pm ET/PT.

For one thing, it seems to have a major bug problem. Bugs are one of the main motifs in the first episode of the new series The Mist, which premieres on Spike TV on June 22, the first of ten 1-hour episodes. Heck, the first thing we see is a full-screen shot of a spider, and then we see the spider crawling across a guy’s face. Seriously creepy.Continue Reading

Meet Richard Chizmar Live and In Person This Monday, June 19!

We wanted to make sure our collectors knew about Richard Chizmar’s ONLY confirmed book signing and public event for Gwendy’s Button Box:

It’ll be held at 6:30 PM on June 19 at the Barnes & Noble in Bel Air, Maryland — this upcoming MONDAY!

Here is the store’s address for mapping purposes:

Barnes & Noble
620 Marketplace Drive
Bel Air, MD 21014

Richard will be reading from Gwendy’s Button Box and answering YOUR questions about the book, working with Stephen King, and anything else you’ve always wanted to ask the founder of Cemetery Dance Publications!

Gwendy's Button Box

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“The Hounds of Hell to Pay” and “Martyr and Pesty”

In its illustrious 29*-year print run, Cemetery Dance magazine has published no less than 560 short stories and novel excerpts in 73** individual issues. As the super fan that I am, Exhumed is my humble attempt to read and review them all in monthly double reviews. This the eighth such installment. Continue Reading

Review: ‘The Freedom Broker’ by K.J. Howe

The Freedom Broker by K.J. Howe
Quercus (February 2017)
400 pages; $17.79 hardback; $12.99 e-book
Reviewed by Dave Simms

Far too many times, a thriller fails to live up to its name. Formulaic, tired tropes, ripoffs of the same old “high concept” plots which circulate through the shelves as readers’ minds numb to the repetition. Thankfully, a few push beyond the herd with something new now and then. Newcomer K.J. Howe has definitely brought something special to the table.  Continue Reading

The Halloween Children by Brian James Freeman and Norman Prentiss PUBLISHED TODAY!

We’re very pleased to report that The Halloween Children, a novel written by Cemetery Dance staffers Brian James Freeman and Norman Prentiss, has just been published by Hydra/Random House and the introductory price for the eBook edition is only $2.99 for a limited time only!

Amazon.com • Amazon.co.uk • Amazon.ca • Barnes & Noble • iBookstore • Kobo

The Halloween Children eBook

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Review: ‘Final Girls’ by Mira Grant

Final Girls by Mira Grant
Subterranean Press (May  2017)
111 pages; $40.00 hardcover; $4.99 e-book
Reviewed by Blu Gilliand

Mira Grant mixes a diverse set of influences ranging from The Matrix to A Nightmare On Elm Street to produce her fresh, tautly-written new novella, Final Girls.

Continue Reading

New Releases From Norman Prentiss!

We’re thrilled to report that one of our favorite authors, Norman Prentiss, has several new releases available NOW! Some of these are discounted to “introductory” prices that may not last very long, so please be sure to order NOW to grab the savings!

The Books of Baby Names, which sold out pretty much instantly when we published it as a signed Limited Edition hardcover, is now available as an eBook for the special price of just $2.99 — OR you can read it for FREE if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited:

The Book of Baby Names

Life in a Haunted House, Norman’s brand new novel, is available as both value-priced eBook and trade paperback:

Life In A Haunted House

And if you love short fiction, there are also THREE “tie-in” stories for Life in a Haunted House, which you can purchase as 99 cent eBooks:

The Dungeon of Count Verlock

The Lake Monster

The Space Visitor

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and enthusiasm!

My First Fright featuring Mercedes M. Yardley

Merc3edes M. Yardley
Mercedes M. Yardley

Mercedes M. Yardley was only eight years old when she read her father’s copy of Stephen King’s It. Pretty intense material for someone so young, wouldn’t you say? But years earlier, Yardley had been introduced to what i09 referred to as “The Most Horrifying Children’s Movie Ever Made.” Perhaps she was better prepared to handle the horrors of Pennywise the Clown after repeatedly watching a scary movie starring….a pink-haired unicorn?

Yardley is a Bram Stoker Award-winning writer residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. A self-described dark fantasist, she is the author of multiple books and short stories, including 2013’s Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love and 2014’s Pretty Little Dead Girls. We had a video chat about her first fright, and her choice was unexpected, to say the least.Continue Reading

Review: ”Til Death: Marriage Poems’ by Janice Leach and James Frederick Leach

‘Til Death: Marriage Poems by Janice Leach and James Frederick Leach
Raw Dog Screaming Press (January 2017)

112 pages, $12.95 paperback; $4.99 e-book
Reviewed by Anton Cancre

Let’s go ahead and skip the expected Princess Bride reference and pretend I made it so we can move on, alright? After all, marriage isn’t just about love, no matter how true that love may be. Just as it isn’t about sex (just ask every hack comic). Or the creation of small clones of yourselves. Or the merging of empires. Sure, those are part of it, but they utterly fail to encompass the actual experience. Marriage is about a life shared, along with all of the terror, heartache, unbridled rage and desperation that entails. The rest is just window dressing.Continue Reading