Review: Flowers for the Sea by Zin E. Rocklyn

cover of Flowers for the Sea Flowers for the Sea by Zin E. Rocklyn (October 2021)
108 pages; paperback $13.99; e-book $3.99
Reviewed by Janelle Janson

The combination of horror and fantasy is a partnership I am completely enamored with. The notion that you can connect with a character set in a fantastical world, who might not even be human, with added terrifying elements, creates a thrilling read. These authors keep creating gorgeous, remarkable stories that fill you with both sadness and wonder.Continue Reading

Gwendy’s Final Task by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar: eBook Now Available For Preorder!

Gwendy’s Final Task
by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar

Cemetery Dance Publications eBook Now Available For Preorder!

Hi Folks!

The official Cemetery Dance eBook of Gwendy’s Final Task by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar, which will be published on February 15, is now available for preorder on (Other stores will follow soon!)

Right now, there’s a second eBook listed because Simon & Schuster will be taking over electronic sales on May 31, but if you want to read the eBook before then, you’ll need to order our eBook, which is also less expensive! (S&S is working to remove their listing to prevent confusion, and there’s a chance any orders already placed for their eBook might be canceled. We’re not sure how the stores work.)

Order the official Cemetery Dance eBook of Gwendy’s Final Task today, so you can begin reading the thrilling conclusion to Gwendy Peterson’s story the moment it is released!


Thank you, as always, for your continued support and enthusiasm!

“Ballad of the Broken Hearts at the Danse Macbre” by Kevin Lucia

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It’s publication day for Kevin Lucia as Crystal Lake Publishing releases October Nights, his collection of Halloween-themed short stories. To celebrate, Cemetery Dance is proud to share “Ballad of the Broken Hearts at the Danse Macabre,” a Halloween-themed short story that is NOT included in October Nights. Think of it as a bonus story, a companion to Lucia’s collection (which he discussed with us in a Q&A right here.)


Continue Reading

Celebrating OCTOBER NIGHTS with author Kevin Lucia

October Nights banner

This October, Kevin Lucia fulfills a dream with the release of a new collection of Halloween-themed short stories, October Nights. Crystal Lake Publishing will be releasing the collection on October 22, so this seemed like the perfect time to ask the author a few questions about his work, and to pick his brain about his — and our — favorite holiday, Halloween.

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Video Visions: The 21st Century’s Baddest Badass Final Girls

Black background with spooky lettering that says Hunter Shea Video Visions and the Cemetery Dance logo

I love the smell of burning candy corns in the morning. It smells like…Halloween! 

If you’re like me, you’ve entered into the all-horror, all-the time-zone. I know I watch and read a ton of all things creepy throughout the year, but October (or as I call it, Horrortober) is when folks like us take it up to thirteen. Fuck eleven. That’s for poseur rock bands. Continue Reading

The Eater of Gods by Dan Franklin: The New Supernatural Thriller Everyone Will Be Talking About!

We’re very pleased to announce we’ll be publishing The Eater of Gods by Dan Franklin, an extremely exciting debut that is already very deep in production and will be published early next year!

About the Book:
Nothing really dies if it’s remembered, his wife had told him.

In the dying village of Al Tarfuk, lost among the war-stained dunes of eastern Libya, professor Norman Haas learns the location of the tomb that had been his wife’s life pursuit. The final resting place of Kiya, the lost queen of Akhenaten, whose history had been etched from the stone analogues of history for her heresies against the long absent pantheon of Egyptian gods.

He never expected to discover that the tomb was the final resting place to more than the dead. And as his team of researchers find themselves trapped inside the ancient tomb, Norman realizes all too soon that his wife was right—

Nothing really dies if it’s remembered…

But some things are best forgotten.

Dan Franklin’s debut supernatural thriller is a tale of grief, of loneliness, and of an ageless, hungry fury that waits with ready tooth and claw beneath the sand.


Read more and place your order while our supplies last!

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HALLOWEEN KILLS: Tim Waggoner writes the book on Michael Myers

cover of Halloween Kills by Tim WaggonerAfter a long, COVID-prompted delay, Michael Myers is set to once again stalk movie (and television! ) screens in Halloween Kills, the sequel to the 2018 reboot/sequel Halloween.

Being the literary types that we are here at Cemetery Dance, we’re just as excited for the novelization of Halloween Kills as we are for the film. I reached out to author Tim Waggoner, the man tapped by Titan Books to pen the novelization, to see if he’d take us inside the process of bringing the Boogeyman to life on the page, and he was glad to oblige.Continue Reading

Devon Sawa looks back at FINAL DESTINATION, and Ahead to CHUCKY

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photo of actor Devon Sawa
Devon Sawa

The year was 2000. It was date night and a young couple sat in a sold-out movie theatre waiting to see if the feature, something called Final Destination, would live up to the awesome looking trailer…

Of course it did, and it remains one of my Top Ten horror movies of all time, also being my favorite franchise. I will never forget the collective oohs and ahhs, jumps and indeed screams in the cinema. It was possibly the best atmosphere of any film I’ve seen on the big screen.

Cue 21 years later and somehow, I find myself chatting with the star of that movie and many, many more since, Devon Sawa. Having followed his career, I have always been impressed by how into horror he seems to be and now I get the chance to find out more just in time for two new big releases.Continue Reading

The Cemetery Dance Interview: Stephen Graham Jones’s Heart is a Chainsaw

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Stephen Graham Jones

Stephen Graham Jones is to slashers what peanut butter is to jelly. Separately they are still awesome, but together they are perfection. With the popularity of the genre on the rise again due to movies such as Fear Street and the new Halloween Kills, and books from powerhouses such as Grady Hendrix, I got to sit down to chat with Stephen about his own latest release, My Heart is a Chainsaw.

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Review: Faithless by Hunter Shea

cover of Faithless by Hunter SheaFaithless by Hunter Shea
Flame Tree Press (October 19, 2021)
304 pages; $24.95 hardcover ; $14.95 paperback ; $6.99 e-book
Reviewed by Janine Pipe

Faithless is the latest novel by Hunter Shea from Flame Tree Press and, yet again, he knocks it out of the park. I don’t hide the fact that Hunter is my favorite writer (alongside Glenn Rolfe) but there is a very good reason for this—he never fails to deliver.Continue Reading

Infinity Dreams by Glen Hirshberg: Coming Soon in Trade Paperback and eBook Formats!

We’re very pleased to announce we’ll be publishing Infinity Dreams by Glen Hirshberg, which is already very deep in production and will be coming this December in trade paperback and eBook formats!

About the Book:
There are people who collect coins, baseball cards, flashlights. They trade and sell them at conventions, flea markets, antique malls.

Those are not the people Nadine and Normal (a.k.a. The Collector) serve, and those places are not where you’ll find them.

Their quests have led them to decidedly less familiar characters and locales:

  • A music obsessive who gives a little more than fandom—and takes a little more than music—from the artists he loves.
  • A bouquiniste stall along the Left Bank of the Seine that has remained locked—for good reason—for 150 years.
  • A box full of View-Master reels showing tiny photographs of places—some of which don’t exist.
  • A former Nazi-in-training, haunted—to the point of life-crippling paralysis—by a taste.

But now, Nadine lives sequestered in the Northern California woods, caring for the Collector, who has slid into early-onset dementia. One day, against her better judgment, she accepts an interview request from a young journalist. Who might not be a journalist. He has come for their stories.

Or maybe for something else.

Meanwhile, down the coast, in the cities, a wildness has gotten loose, and the world is tilting out of true, and the boundaries between reality and dream are not just blurring but melting.

But is that for better or worse? And who gets to say?

Welcome to Infinity Dreams, a novel-in-stories about dreaming your life, and living in dreams, and the permeable limbo we insist on calling reality.


Read more and place your order while our supplies last!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and enthusiasm!

Review: Rookfield by Gordon B. White

cover of Rookfield by Gordon B. WhiteRookfield by Gordon B. White
Trepidatio Publishing (October 15, 2021)
108 pages; $12.95 paperback; $5.95 e-book
Reviewed by Sadie “Mother Horror” Hartmann

An unusual horror story set during a global pandemic, Rookfield hits close to home.

A man named Cabot, seriously lacking in self-awareness and full of privilege, is looking for his son and estranged wife in a small town called Rookfield. Leana apparently fled to the small town under marital duress. It’s suggested that perhaps Cabot and Leana didn’t see eye to eye when it came to the ways they would be handling the pandemic and the protection of their son’s health and safety.Continue Reading

MURDER HOUSE DVD Available For Ordering Today!

Cemetery Dance in association with Sympatico presents

Every small town has a haunted house located within its borders. If not haunted by things unseen and unknown, then a place borne of violent tragedy. Some of these houses become legendary and enter the national conscience. The Amityville Horror in upstate New York comes to mind. Tonight is the five-year anniversary of the Cavanaugh family massacre, and for the first time in several years someone will dare to enter the belly of the beast in Edgewood, Maryland–the Murder House.

Running time: 38 minutes

Exclusive DVD Bonus Features: The MURDER HOUSE script. Still photographs. A Conversation with Richard Chizmar & Billy Chizmar.


Read more and place your order while our supplies last!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and enthusiasm!

Review: Stars, Hide Your Fire by Kel McDonald and Jose Pimienta

banner that reads The Comic Vault

cover of Stars, Hide Your Fire by Kel McDonald and Jose Pimienta

Stars, Hide Your Fire by Kel McDonald and Jose Pimienta
Iron Circus Comics (October 5, 2021)
162 pages; paperback $15; $9.99 e-book
Reviewed by Joshua Gage

Andrea and Darra live in a dead-end Massachusetts town, making their way through high school with hopeful (but slim) dreams of escape. Everything’s going according to plan until a chance encounter with an otherworldly spirit named Carmen changes everything! Carmen promises Andrea eternal life, but a mysterious young boy named Liam shows up claiming he had also made a deal with Carmen, and it didn’t go well . . . 100 years ago. Liam must convince his new friends of Carmen’s evil nature before Andrea is tricked into a supernatural bargain that will upend her new life before it even starts in Stars, Hide Your Fire written by Kel McDonald and illustrated by Joe Pimienta.Continue Reading

Gwendy’s Trilogy Three Book Hardcover Set in Slipcase!

We’ve had collectors asking us for years now if we will produce a slipcase to house a complete set of the Gwendy’s Trilogy together, and now that the third book is headed to the printer and we’re in the home stretch, we can officially tell you the answer is YES!

To celebrate, we’re producing a very limited set of Gwendy’s Button Box, Gwendy’s Magic Feather, and Gwendy’s Final Task with brand new “matched” dust jackets, and they will be be housed all together in a brand new collectible slipcase!

These new Slipcased Matched Collectors Sets are only available for preorder for a limited time only, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good! There will be no additional printings! (The slipcase is also available separately for anyone who already has the Gwendy books and just needs the slipcase.)

Priced at just $99, this set is really a bargain when you add up the retail prices of all three books AND a slipcase, and we don’t expect these to last long at all! Order today, so you don’t miss out!


Read more and place your order while our supplies last!

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