Dreamlike States by Brian James Freeman: Newly Revised and Expanded Paperback In-Stock Now!

The signed Limited Edition of Dreamlike States by Brian James Freeman sold out in a day back in 2014, and has been out of print since, but we’re pleased to report this collection is now available as an affordable trade paperback with creepy new Vincent Chong cover artwork!

Not only is this edition more affordable, but Brian has revised each story and added a few more, along with new story notes. He will also be signing the first batch of copies we sell, so don’t wait to place your order!

Dreamlike States

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Review: Shapeshifters: A History by John B. Kachuba

Shapeshifters: A History by John B. Kachuba
Reaktion Books (June 2019)
208 pages; $15.78 hardcover
Reviewed by Kevin Lucia

As an English teacher and lover of myths and folklore, nonfiction works on the historical and mythical backgrounds of monsters and such is right up my alley. I love reading how strange beliefs, customs, and folktales serve as the roots of some of our more famous monsters and horror fiction beasties. So, as you can imagine, when Shapeshifters: A History by John B. Kachuba showed up on my doorstep, I was pretty excited. Continue Reading

Review: The Deep by Alma Katsu

The Deep by Alma Katsu
G.P. Putnam’s Sons (March 10, 2020)
432 pages; $18.39 hardcover; $13.99 e-book
Reviewed by Dave Simms

Those who devoured Alma Katsu’s The Hunger (which should have won awards across the board last year—pun intended) will want to take the plunge into The Deep, a beautifully disturbing cross-genre tale that might even top that previous novel. Whereas The Hunger mined the ill-fated travels of the pioneers who traversed the Donner Pass, this one dives into the mystique of the Titanic, yet with a twist. The ship had a sister—the Britannic. This ship was retrofitted to be a hospital to be used during the war.Continue Reading

He Who Types Between the Rows: A Decade of Horror Drive-In

In January 2006, Mark Sieber created the Horror Drive-In website as a home for his new message board. The site also provided a platform for Sieber to discuss his lifelong passions: books, movies, music, publishing, drive-in theaters, and the horror community. Not merely content to review and comment on the state of the industry, Sieber offered insights and revelations into his own life as a horror devotee.

He Who Types Between the Rows offers a tour of the genre from 2006 to 2017. From King and McCammon to newer writers such as Rio Youers and Caroline Kepnes, from Evil Dead to Nudist Colony of the Dead, Sieber’s essays cover the vast spectrum of horror in all its forms. This book gives readers a view of the field from the trenches, written by a true fan.

So hurry back with your snacks, make one last bathroom stop, and grab that illicit case of beer from the trunk. Showtime is in one minute.

This edition includes a Foreword by Jeff Strand, and an Afterword by Thomas F. Monteleone.

Damage and Dread

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Women in Horror Month Interview: Ania Ahlborn

Author and interview subject Ania Ahlborn
Ania Ahlborn

February is Women in Horror Month and I wanted to check in with some of my favorite writers of horror fiction. Ania Ahlborn is the author of several creepy books of which I would recommend, starting with Brother, and then working through her extensive back catalog. Her most recent release, If You See Her, is about buried mysteries, haunted houses, and the ghosts of past sins coming back to haunt you.

Ania and her husband, Will, have a toddler we will refer to as “R” in this interview. I wanted to find out how Ania has been balancing her writing career and motherhood. Continue Reading

2 For $20 for 02/20/2020 Deal!

2 For $20 for 02/20/2020 Deal!
Pick Two Hardcover Books For Just $20! Pay Just $10 Each!

Includes Books by Stephen King, Robert McCammon, and Richard Chizmar!

Hi Folks!

We’ve selected a handful of books to offer as part of a “Pick 2 Books For Just $20” deal that ends at midnight tonight OR when allotted supplies run out!

You can buy two copies of the same book, or two different books. Also, each additional book after the first two is just an additional $10, so feel free to buy as many books as you would like while supplies last!


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Gwendy’s Magic Feather Italian Edition Publication Week Giveaway!

We have a new giveaway that is open to ANYONE anywhere in the WORLD! If you’ve always wanted an excuse to order a foreign edition of a Castle Rock novel, this is the excuse you’ve been waiting for!

Anyone who purchases a hardcover or eBook copy of the Italian edition of Gwendy’s Magic Feather is eligible to win our new giveaway! Grand prize is a $250 Cemetery Dance gift certificate. Two runners-up will each win $100 gift certs. Just send your full name, along with a photo of your book or an online receipt, to cdancepub@aol.com. We will pick three winners next Monday!

Also, feel free to ask for signed bookplate when you email. We’re happy to send you one!


As always, the free method of entry is to mail a postcard with your name and address and “Giveaway Entry” to Cemetery Dance Publications, 132-B Industry Lane, Unit 7, Forest Hill, MD, 21050. Postcard must be received by 8 AM on Monday, February 24, 2020. Cemetery Dance Publications is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail, and cannot confirm receipt of your postcard.

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Review: Miscreations edited by Doug Murano and Michael Bailey

Miscreations: Gods, Monstrosities & Other Horrors edited by Doug Murano and Michael Bailey
Written Backwards (February 2020)

342 pages; $29.95 hardcover; $16.95 paperback; $3.95 e-book
Reviewed by Sadie “Mother Horror” Hartmann

I clearly remember a debate that transpired last summer on social media about anthologies. An author wondered about the future of anthologies because it seemed to him they don’t make any money. Several industry people weighed in with their strong opinions either in support of anthologies or against them (not really opposed to anthologies in general but speaking more about the profitability, or lack thereof).

Watching from the sidelines, I was beside myself. Anthologies are some of my favorite books to read. I chimed in on the conversation, only to add that I enjoy a well put together, themed anthology and that I am wholeheartedly in support of their continued success. Miscreations, by award-winning editors Doug Murano and Michael Bailey, proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that anthologies are well worth any amount of effort, money, blood, sweat, and tears.Continue Reading

Review: Jane Goes North by Joe R. Lansdale

Jane Goes North by Joe R. Lansdale
Subterranean Press (March 2020)
232 pages; $40 limited edition hardcover
Reviewed by Blu Gilliand

I took a few road trips in my youth. While they were marked with plenty of shenanigans and questionable decisions (as was most of my youth), none of them came close to the craziness experienced by the women in Jane Goes North, Joe Lansdale’s new novel from Subterranean Press. It’s probably a good thing, too; Lansdale’s women barely flinch in the face of the inconveniences and dangers he tosses at them, while I would have crumbled like a cheap cookie.Continue Reading

Damage and Dread by Kevin Quigley: Brand New Surprise Trade Paperback Shipping This Month!

We’re pleased to announce Damage and Dread by Kevin Quigley, a surprise trade paperback that will be shipping this month!

About the Book:
I bet you’re hungry.

Hungry for new stories from horror writer Kevin Quigley. Hungry for terror. Hungry for damage. Hungry for dread.

Make a meal out of dispatches from the future in “You’re Going to Kill Me,” detailing gruesome crimes yet to happen, and the off-kilter mind of the man who discovers them. Feast on “The Extinction Device,” in which two women discover the ability to play God with things long dead. Sate yourself with “The Coming of the Elves,” a sinister tale of holiday madness. And gorge yourself on “Drawn to the Flame,” where a dark carnival is only the start of the horrors, and a swarm of fear threatens to swallow you whole.

These stories and more set the table in the murkiest corners of your imagination. Pull up a chair and grab your knife and fork: the terror won’t stop until you get your fill.

Damage and Dread

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Your Dog Secretly Hates You — A Decade of Animal Revenge Flicks

You think climate change fear mongering is something new? Well, then you never watched a nature gone wild movie from that gloriously gritty decade, the ’70s. When we weren’t terrified that the Rooskies were going to strafe us with A-bombs, we were pretty damn sure the ozone layer would be gone any day and the end of the world was nigh. The ’70s is when we got woke that we were making a mess of the planet, and the ensuing guilt had to find an outlet, a way to make us pay for our wrongdoing. Or at least pretend to pay, just like Earth Day is when we pretend to be nice to the world. Continue Reading

New Signed Limited Edition From the UK: The Brood by Stephen Bissette!

We’re pleased to report we’ll be getting copies of the Signed Limited Edition Hardcover of The Brood by Stephen Bissette from PS Publishing in the UK, but our supplies won’t last long!

The Brood border=

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Midnight Under the Big Top: Just Announced and Already 99% Sold Out!

Due to extremely high demand, the brand new anthology we’re announcing today is already 99% sold out!

Midnight Under the Big Top: Tales of Murder, Madness, and Magic edited by Brian James Freeman features tales of murder, madness, and magic set in and around the circus by renowned storytellers such as Stephen King, Joe Hill, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Neil Gaiman, Kelley Armstrong, Robert McCammon, Tananarive Due, Lisa Morton, Heather Graham, Richard Chizmar, Billy Chizmar, Amanda C. Davis, Nayad Monroe, Jeff Strand, Amanda Downum, Robert Brouhard, and Dominick Cancilla! Plus poetry! And dozens of creepy Glenn Chadbourne interior illustrations! And this amazing cover by Vincent Chong:

Midnight Under the Big Top

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Review: Keeping Score: Angry Tanka by Susan Burch

Cover of Keeping Score: Angry TankaKeeping Score: Angry Tanka by Susan Burch
Velvet Dusk Publishing (December 2019)

46 pages, $8.99 paperback
Reviewed by Joshua Gage

Susan Burch is a prominent composer of English Language Tanka.  She began writing tanka in April 2013 after reading winning contest poems on the Tanka Society of America website. She loved the brevity of the form and submitted to Ribbons, which published her first tanka and encouraged her to keep writing. Since then she has placed in Mandy’s Page’s tanka contest, the World Tanka Competition, Diogen contests, the Haiku Poets of Northern California contests, the British Haiku and Tanka Awards, the TSA’s Sanford Goldstein tanka contest, and most recently, the Fleeting Words tanka contest. Her most recent collection is keeping score: Angry Tanka.Continue Reading

Review: The Night Doctor and Other Tales by Steve Rasnic Tem

The Night Doctor and Other Tales by Steve Rasnic Tem
Centipede Press (December 2019)
336 pages; $20 unsigned limited edition (700 copies) hardcover
Reviewed by Kevin Lucia

I first encountered Steve Rasnic Tem’s work in the inaugural edition of the Greystone Bay series. “In a Guest House” was a startlingly quiet piece, humming with the same undercurrent of unease that can be found in the best Twilight Zone episodes. After that, I continued to encounter Tem’s work here and there, especially as I collected classic horror anthologies from the eighties and nineties. I loved the quiet restraint I found in his work, so when I happened upon a review copy for The Night Doctor and Other Tales, his most recent short fiction collection, I dived right in.Continue Reading