Shivers IV

Shivers IV

  • Editor: Richard Chizmar
  • Artist: Gail Cross
  • Page Count: 314
  • Pub. Date: May 2006
  • ISBN: 1-58767-129-8
  • Status: Out of Print

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Shivers IV
edited by Richard Chizmar

Trade Paperback: $20

About the Book:
Cemetery Dance Publications is proud to announce the fourth entry in this award nominated and bestselling anthology series! Shivers IV contains twenty short stories from today's hottest writers, including William F. Nolan, Ed Gorman, Brian Hodge, Tim Lebbon, Al Sarrantonio, Ray Garton, T.M. Wright, Brian Keene, Kealan Patrick Burke, and many others! Featuring original dark fiction with a handful of rare reprints, Shivers IV is available only as a beautiful perfect-bound trade paperback.

"Prohibited" by Kealan Patrick Burke
"Last Exit for the Lost" by Tim Lebbon
"The Screamers at the Window" by T.M. Wright
"The Man in the Palace Theater" by Ray Garton
"Pumpkin-Witch" by Tim Curran
"LZ-116: Das Fliegenschloss" by Stephen Mark Rainey
"Something to Be Said for the Waiting" by Brian Freeman
"Jack-Knife" by Gemma Files
"The Spook" by Randy Chandler
"Ever After" by John R. Little
"The Bittersweet Deafening Sound of Nothing at All" by Robert Morrish
"Up in the Boneyard" by Keith Minnion
"Mom and Dad at Home" by Ed Gorman
"Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot" by Bill Walker
"In the Best Stories" by Norman Prentiss
"Poetic Justice" by William F. Nolan
"Dust" by Brian Keene
"The Deer of St. Bart's" by Bev Vincent
"The Man in the Other Car" by Al Sarrantonio
"Liturgical Music for Nihilists" a novella by Brian Hodge

"The dedicated publisher of Cemetery Dance, the leading magazine in the horror field, assembles 20 original stories by writers old and new for this fourth incarnation of his dependable Shivers series. As with previous volumes, no single theme predominates, though many stories strive for the ambiguous supernaturalism of the Twilight Zone-school of writing. Randy Chandler's "The Spook" tells of a soldier whose discovery that Arab fighters are beings from hell may be a case of demonizing the enemy taken to a psychotic extreme. Al Sarrantonio offers a premonitory fantasy of horrors that lurk just up around the bend for a dysfunctional family on a stressful road trip in "The Man in the Other Car." Few of horror's traditional monsters are on display, though Stephen Mark Rainey's "LZ-116: Das Fliegenschloss," about the beings… about the beings that the Germans were actually targeting in their WWII bombing runs, comes closest. Not all of Chizmar's choices are standouts, but an adequate number deliver what the title of this anthology promises."
Publishers Weekly

Richard ChizmarRichard Chizmar has edited more than a dozen anthologies, including The Best of Cemetery Dance, The Earth Strikes Back, Night Visions 10, October Dreams (with Robert Morrish), and the Shivers series.  His fiction has appeared in dozens of publications, including Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and The Year's 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories. He has won numerous honors including two World Fantasy Awards, four International Horror Guild Awards, and the HWA's Board of Trustees Award.

Published as:
• Available exclusively as a trade paperback from Cemetery Dance Publications ($20)