In Laymon's Terms

In Laymon's Terms

  • Editor: Kelly Laymon, Steve Gerlach, and Richard Chizmar
  • Artist: GAK
  • Page Count: 616
  • Pub. Date: June 28, 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-58767-096-1
  • Status: Out of Print

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Featuring Norman Partridge, Bentley Little, Jack Ketchum, Brian Keene, Gary Brandner, Steve Gerlach, Geoff Cooper, Edward Lee, and dozens and dozens of others!

In Laymon's Terms
edited by Kelly Laymon, Steve Gerlach, and Richard Chizmar

Cover artwork by gak
Photographs from the Laymon family albums

About the Book:
This massive, oversized tribute anthology for Richard Laymon features short fiction and personal remembrances from dozens and dozens of the biggest names in horror and Laymon's biggest fans.

In addition, there are more than on hundred pages of "Rarities and Fan Favorites" from Richard Laymon's personal files — stories, interviews, and more, including a 17 page photo album personally selected by Ann Laymon. Several of these rare pieces were scanned directly from Laymon's original manuscripts and contain his handwritten corrections.

Featuring more than 600 pages of fiction and essays written in honor of the man, author, and friend, In Laymon's Terms is personal, moving, and wildly entertaining. This is a unique hardcover that would have made Richard Laymon proud.

"Richard Laymon, who was known for his lean, mean horror fiction, died in 2001 at age 54. This substantial memorial anthology features photos, fiction, and interviews from his archives, as well as scores of essays and stories written in homage to his work. Best known as a novelist, Laymon also perfected what Norman Partridge calls the "gotcha!" twist-ending tale, epitomized in the classic "Desert Pickup" (reprinted here, and the model for other top fiction contributions, including Jack Ketchum's "Hotline" and Gary Brandner's "Campfire Story"). The common sentiment of the remembrances, most written by young horror writers, is that Laymon was a helpful mentor, and that his work was greatly underappreciated due to its hefty quotient of sex and violence. The editors have produced a discerning memorial to a fine and influential writer."
Publishers Weekly

Table of Contents:
"Out with a Bang: Bare Feet and Bloody Gunshot Wounds" by Kelly Laymon
"The Most Important Things" by Richard Chizmar
"Dick Laymon dot com" by Steve Gerlach

Part One: Stories and Remembrances
"A Kind Word At the Right Time" by Don D'Auria
"Second Chance" by Norman Partridge
"Gotcha! Remembering Dick Laymon" by Norman Partridge
"Meeting Joanne" by Bentley Little
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Jack Ketchum
"Hotline" by Jack Ketchum
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Regina Mitchell
"The Pack" by Regina Mitchell
"Not Guilty By Reason Of Sanity" by Alan Beatts
"The Dick Would Be Pleased" by Brian Keene
"Castaways" by Brian Keene
"Meeting Richard Laymon" by Brian Freeman
"Loving Roger" by Brian Freeman
"A Tribute to Richard Laymon" by Ryan Harding
"Development" by Ryan Harding
"A Brief Memory" by John Urbancik
"Fauxville North" by John Urbancik
"Remembering Richard Laymon" by Jacqueline Mitchell
"Daddy Wound" by Jacqueline Mitchell
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Gary Brandner
"Campfire Story" by Gary Brander
"A Writer's Tale in Praise of Truth: An Appreciation of Richard Laymon" by Simon Clark
"Ham's Not There" by Simon Clark
"I Don't Know Dick" by Gina Osnovich
"Edge of Town" by Gina Osnovich
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Michael T. Huyck
"Deep Dawn's Jongleur" by Michael T. Huyck
"Secret Admirers and Pseudonyms" by Sheri White
"New York Comes to the Desert" by Tom Piccirilli
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Adam Pepper
"The Lonely Room" by Adam Pepper

Part Two: Rarities And Fan Favorites
Dick's College Poems — scanned from the original typewritten documents (1960s)
"Desert Pickup" by Richard Laymon (1970)
"Smoker's Blend" — scans of two issues written, designed, and edited by Richard Laymon (1971)
"Immediate Opening" by Richard Laymon (1979)
"Cuts!" by Richard Laymon — a novelette (1985)
"Mystery Scene Interview With Author Richard Laymon" by Ed Gorman (July/Aug 1995)
"Herman" by Richard Laymon (1996)
"Boo" by Richard Laymon (2000)
"Pick-Up on Highway One" by Richard Laymon (2001)
"On The Set of Vampire Night" by Richard Laymon (2001)
17 Page Photo Album collected by Ann Laymon from the family's personal albums

Part Three: More Stories and Remembrances
"Aaron Spelling Would Be Proud" by Matt Schwartz
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Steve Gerlach
"The Dead of Night" by Steve Gerlach
"A Laymon Remembrance" by James Futch
"Cover" by James Futch
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Mike Oliveri
"Behavior Therapy" by Mike Oliveri
"Richard Laymon, in Memoriam" by Rain Graves
"Wild Card" by Rain Graves
"A Laymon Remembrance" by John Pelan
"Another Saturday Night" by John Pelan
"Inspiration, Determination, & Mutilation by Robert Freese
"Pushing Buttons" by Donn Gash
"A Laymon Remembrance" by William D. Carl
"Dig" by William D. Carl
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Holly Newstein & Ralph Bieber II
"Prayers" by Holly Newstein & Ralph Bieber II
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Mark Justice
"The Red Kingdom" by Mark Justice
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Bryan Smith
"Pizza Face" by Bryan Smith
"Remembering Richard Laymon" by Kimberley Hill
"The Real Genius of a Sick Mind: A Richard Laymon Remembrance" by Brett McBean
"The Genius of a Sick Mind" by Brett McBean
"My Thoughts on Richard Laymon" by Sébastien Pharand
"Little Monsters" by Sébastien Pharand
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Jonathan Torres
"Bestiality" by Jonathan Torres
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Ron R. Clinton
"The Diner" by Ron R. Clinton
"Remembering Dick Laymon" by Troy Taylor
"The Keepsake" by Troy Taylor
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Brent Zirnheld
"Coastal Pickup" by Brent Zirnheld
"Gorgeous!  Beguiling!  Lethal!" by Nicole Cushing
"Scabby Nipples and Sharp Teeth" by Nicole Cushing
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Weston Ochse
"Crashing Down" by Weston Ochse
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin
"From the Bowels of the Earth" by Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin
"Still Life, With Mother" by Robert Morrish
"Laymon's Legacy" by Roger Range
"Scavengers" by Roger Range
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Patricia Lee Macomber
"Past Tense" by Patricia Lee Macomber
"My Laymon Remembrance" by Philip Robinson
"Occupied" by Philip Robinson
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Jim Hillman
"For the Light" by Jim Hillman
"Trying To Keep This Under Three-Quarters-Of-A-Million Words" by Geoff Cooper
"Strangers: Good Friends and a Bottle of Wine" by Geoff Cooper
"A Laymon Remembrance" by Edward Lee
"Chef" by Edward Lee
"A Dream" by Matt Johnson

Published in three states:
• Trade Hardcover Edition bound in full-cloth and Smyth sewn with full-color dust jacket artwork ($50)
• Slipcased Hardcover Limited Edition of 400 signed and numbered copies bound in full-cloth, Smyth sewn, and signed by most of the contributors ($150)
• Traycased Hardcover Lettered Edition of 52 signed and lettered copies bound in leather and Smyth sewn with a satin ribbon page marker ($400)