Cemetery Dance "I Want That!" Vouchers!

Cemetery Dance "I Want That!" Vouchers!

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This item is Out of Print and will not be available for purchase again.

Cemetery Dance "I Want That!" Vouchers!

We know everyone has to pick and choose what they add to their collections, so we've come up with a new special for 2022 to help you add a few more items you might not have been able to get otherwise: the Cemetery Dance "I Want That!" Vouchers!

With this special offer, you get to pick three items in 2022 that you want, free of charge, up to a retail value of $60 each... you just pay shipping!

You can save each of these "I Want That!" vouchers to use on a Limited Edition book you really want but maybe the timing is bad for your budget... Or for a Grab Bag that has something special in it... Or just to REDUCE the overall cost of a larger order!

That's right! Instead of just ordering one book, you can order multiple items and use a voucher as a $60 off coupon if you want! (Or you can order something BIG like a Lettered Edition and save $60 off!)

Your vouchers will be emailed to you the first week of January with instructions on how to redeem them, but this special offer won't last long, so don't wait to place your order!

Limit of ONE per person, household, family, or account. This special offer cannot be purchased with any coupons. Please contact our office if you have any questions before placing your order because this special offer is non-refundable.