Alice Walks (eBook)

Alice Walks (eBook)

  • Author: Michael Aronovitz
  • Page Count: 186
  • Pub. Date: August 1, 2017
  • Status: E-Book

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Alice Walks
by Michael Aronovitz

About the eBook:
"Alice walks. She walks 'cause she can't breathe. She's angry that you can."

Fourteen-year-old Alice Arthur had drowned that past summer. When Mikey Fitzsimmons and his friends go to St. Mary's Cemetery to hang out and tell ghost stories, Mikey invents a legend about Alice to scare his pals.

Inspired by Mikey's frightening tale, the friends make their way down to the mausoleum -- to open the heavy granite door, to move aside the mosquito netting, to creep up for a closer look at the body.

They had no idea what they were to awaken down there.

"...a masterpiece, subtle, scary, brilliant. Michael Aronovitz's literate style perfectly suits this frightening tale. His voice is all his own, but contains nostalgic notes of Ray Bradbury and delicious hints of Dan Simmons. Alice Walks is one of the finest ghost stories I've ever loved." -- Tamara Thorne