The Light of a Black Star, by C. S. Humble

The Light of a Black Star, by C. S. Humble

  • Author: C. S. Humble
  • Editor: Marissa van Uden
  • Artist: Francois Vaillancourt
  • Pub. Date: December 2023
  • ISBN: 978-1-58767-951-3
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"C.S. Humble digs deep into West Texas dirt to uncover cosmic terrors, secret occult orders, and broken people trying to put themselves back together again.” - Josh Rountree, author of The Legend of Charlie Fish

About the Book:

It is 1872.

Annie Miller and the valiant members of the Peregrine Estate did all they could in Chicago to try and stop the Society of Prometheus from unleashing their terrible gods—The Nine—into our world. While they managed to save Carson Ptolemy from the occult society’s ritualistic sacrifice, they failed to stop the ritual entirely. And thus, the ritual half-completed, an unknowable celestial body has set itself over the Sun, casting it into perpetual eclipse, throwing the world deeper into the shuddering cold and blackness of an unending, pestilential winter.

The sunless world brings to bear the great and terrible armies of The Red Kingdom, the hidden body of vampires who have decided that the eclipse is heralding their time to rise in full force and conquer. The kingdom’s sovereign monarch, and master of all vampires, Kristian, brings all his strength to bear out of the Astolat Mountain range in Colorado, beginning a war between humanity and vampires.

Annie and Carson, their lives now fully knotted together as members of the Peregrine Society and dear friends, work together with their allies to strike back against the vampiric horde, all while striving to set the world right in an epic conclusion of C.S. Humble’s That Light Sublime trilogy.

Published as a trade paperback:
• Printed on 60# acid-free paper
• Featuring full color cover artwork
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C.S. Humble is an award-winning American novelist and short story writer. He is the author of the Black Wells series and the That Light Sublime western horror trilogy. He lives in East Texas and can be found @cshumble(twitter) or at his website

"Seth Humble does it right!" - James A. Moore, author of Boomtown and Where The Sun Goes To Die

"In Light of a Black Star, Humble draws together everything that's come before in an epic, cataclysmic finale that will leave you bloodstained, battered, and heartbroken but also euphoric and entirely satisfied. An incredible conclusion to an outstanding trilogy." - Alan Baxter, author of The Gulp and Sallow Bend

Josh Rountree - I’ve loved every book in C.S. Humble’s That Light Sublime trilogy, and The Light of a Black Star is my favorite of them all. This grand, brutal, heartbreaking book fulfills every promise made by the earlier volumes, while leading you down fresh trails, both terrifying and unexpected. If you’re brave enough to follow, prepare for blood and mayhem, glorious hope and crushing loss, and an ache in your soul that lingers. Humble nailed it. - Josh Rountree, author of The Legend of Charlie Fish

"The Light of a Black Star, the final book in this sprawling and beguiling trilogy sure lives up to the name Humble gave this series - That Light Sublime. Because I couldn’t think of a better word to describe what Humble was able to achieve with this series other than SUBLIME. Over three books and many miles, Humble has thrilled us and humbled us, given us hope and dashed those same hopes in an instant, he has swelled our hearts before crushing them in calloused, cruel hands. Has a better horror western series been written? I think not. This book, this series not only showcases a writer who is incomparable in the genre, but one who blazes the trail for the rest to follow… into that light sublime.

Humble has written himself into the annals of the greats: Portis, Steinbeck, McCarthy, deWitt, McMurtry and Zahler - there are more of course, and room for others to follow, but C.S. Humble sits at that formidable table now, and rightly so! - Ross Jeffery, author of The Juniper Trilogy

"Tackling both the darkness that threatens mankind from without and the strongest blaze of light within the human soul, CS Humble establishes himself as an undisputed master of the genre with this conclusion to the Light Sublime. A worthy end to an epic that showcases horror, love, redemption, and the strength of peace and forgiveness with fantastic action and stunning prose. One of the finest Weird Westerns in a generation." -Zachary Rosenberg, author of Hungers as Old as this Land

"Monsters and gods, cults and kingdoms. All pale before Humble's portrayal of humanity: In all our fumbling weakness, in all our desperate flailing, in our quiet, vulnerable moments when we reach for something greater, something sublime. The Light of a Black Star is a triumphant, unmissable conclusion from an author with a rare gift." - Rae Knowles, Author of The Stradivarius and Merciless Waters

"Humble's storytelling is a master class in characterization and atmosphere--a refreshing voice in the horror genre." - Chad Lutzke, author of How the Skin Sheds and Of Foster Homes and Flies