Cemetery Dance #1: Tem, Lacher, Silva, Little

Cemetery Dance #1: Tem, Lacher, Silva, Little

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Issue #1: David B. Silva Special
Volume One, Issue 1
December 1988
Cover art by Willie Ray Caughron
Interior art by: Willie Ray Caughron
48 pages

"Body Perfect" by William C. Rasmussen
"A Breath of Fresh Air" by Edgar F. Tatro
"The Double" by Steve Rasnic Tem
"Forever Angels" by Ronald Kelly
"Leg Man" by Chris B. Lacher
"Fury's Child" by David B. Silva
"Rock of Ages" by John B. Rosenman
"The Departing of Debbie" by Anke Kriske
"The Janitor" by Bentley Little
"An Island Unto Herself" by Barry Hoffman
"The Officer's Club" by Roman Ranieri
"The Hounds of Hell To Pay" by David A. Lindschmidt

Cathy Buburuz, James S. Dorr, Denise Dumars, M.M.M. Farrell, Jody Forest, Dona Fox, Dwight E. Humpries, J.P. Reedman, Thomas Rolls, M.B. Simon and Ann K. Taylor

Words From the Editor by Richard T. Chizmar
David B. Silva Interview by Richard T. Chizmar