Cemetery Dance #20: Lansdale, Ketchum, Laymon, Nolan

Cemetery Dance #20: Lansdale, Ketchum, Laymon, Nolan

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Issue #20
Spring 1994
Volume Six, Issue Two
Cover art by Stacy Drum
Interior art by Alfred Klosterman, Keith Minnion
104 pages

"The Box" by Jack Ketchum
"Desert Pickup" Richard Laymon
"Two Bears Doin' the Mambo" by Joe R. Lansdale
"Three Silent Things" by John F. D. Taff
"Fyodor's Law" by William F. Nolan
"Subtext" by Gary A. Braunbeck

Words From the Editor by Richard T. Chizmar
Ramblings From the Dark by Charles L. Grant
Gormania by Ed Gorman
Letters to the Editor by Readers
Profiles in Terror (Featuring Joe R. Lansdale) by T. Liam McDonald
Book Reviews by Edward Bryant
Rough Cuts Paul Sammon
Trash Theatre by Joe R. Lansdale & David Webb
Spotlight On Publishing (Featuring Borderlands Press) by Bob Morrish
Night Letters by Douglas E. Winter
Needful Kings & Other Things by Tyson Blue
Anthology Attic by Kathryn Placek
Nightmare Alley by Matthew J. Costello
CD Reviews by Various