Cemetery Dance #25: Laymon, Cave, Tem, Gorman

Cemetery Dance #25: Laymon, Cave, Tem, Gorman

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Issue #25
Fall 1996
Volume Seven, Issue Three
Cover art by Stacy Drum
Interior art by Michael Apice, Earl Geier, Alfred Klosterman
112 pages

"Favor and the Princess" by Ed Gorman
"Lucky" by John Maclay
"Herman" by Richard Laymon
"Romicide" by Ronald Kelly
"Halleluja" by Hugh B. Cave
"Pandorette's Mother" by Melanie Tem
"The Soul's Right Hand" by C.J. Henderson

Words From the Editor by Richard T. Chizmar
Mothers and Fathers Italian Association by Thomas F. Monteleone
Ramblings from the Dark by Charles L. Grant
Book Reviews by Ed Bryant
Rough Cuts by Paul Sammon
A Conversation with Richard Laymon by Stanley Wiater
Feature Review Damned in Paradise by Laurence Coven
Gormania by Ed Gorman
Needful Kings & Other Things by Tyson Blue
Feature Review: The Girl Next Door by Henry W. Wagner
CD Reviews by Various