Cemetery Dance #26: Gorman, Ketchum, Nolan

Cemetery Dance #26: Gorman, Ketchum, Nolan

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Issue #26
Spring 1997
Volume Eight, Issue One
Cover art by Stacy Drum
Interior art by Stacy Drum, Earl Geier, Harry O. Morris
120 pages

"Emma Baxter's Boy" by Ed Gorman
"Photographs" by Batya Swift Yasgur
"Rabid Squirrels in Love" by Jack Ketchum
"A Good Day" by William F. Nolan
"The Power of the Primitive" by Terry Lamsley
"Owen's Blood" by Peter Ullian
"Vicious Cycle" by Barry Hoffman

Words From the Editor by Richard T. Chizmar
Ramblings from the Dark by Charles L. Grant
Guilty But Insane by Poppy Z. Brite
A Conversation with Dean Koontz by Bob Morrish
Gormania by Ed Gorman
Spotlight on Publishing by Bob Morrish
Mothers and Fathers Italian Association by Thomas F. Monteleone
Our Bond is Darkness: William F. Nolan by Gary A. Braunbeck
A Conversation with Douglas Clegg by Wayne Edwards
Night Letters by Douglas E. Winter
Book Reviews by Ed Bryant
Needful Kings & Other Things by Tyson Blue
CD Reviews by Various Reviewers
Endnotes by William K. Schafer