Cemetery Dance #28: Brite, Tessier, Collins, Silva

Cemetery Dance #28: Brite, Tessier, Collins, Silva

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Issue #28
Volume Eight, Issue Three
Cover art by Alan M. Clark
Interior art by Earl Geier
128 pages

"Black Sheep" by Ed Gorman
"In the Desert of Deserts" by Thomas Tessier
"Dry Whiskey" by David B. Silva
"Vampire King of the Goth Chicks" by Nancy A. Collins
"Roots" by Jerry Sykes
"If I Should Die Before I Wake" by Gary Raisor

Leisure Horror Releases by Henry W. Wagner
The Best of 1997 by Bill Sheehan and Henry W. Wagner

Feature Review
One Day Closer to Death by Bradley Denton by Mark Graham

Feature Interviews
A Conversation with Thomas Tessierby Stanley Wiater
A Conversation with Matt Schwartz by William K. Schafer
A Conversation with Brian Hodge by Trey R. Barker

The Usual Suspects
Words From the Editor by Richard T. Chizmar
Guilty But Insane by Poppy Z. Brite
Gormania by Ed Gorman
Mothers and Fathers Italian Association by Thomas F. Monteleone
Spotlight on Publishing by Bob Morrish
Book Reviews by Ed Bryant
Needful Kings & Other Things by Tyson Blue
CD Reviews by Various