Cemetery Dance #29: Morrell, Cave, Bryant, Ketchum

Cemetery Dance #29: Morrell, Cave, Bryant, Ketchum

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Issue #29
Volume Eight, Issue Four
Cover art by Phil Parks
Interior art by Earl Geier, Glenn Chadbourne
112 pages

"The Day I Quit Smoking" by Chaz Brenchley
"Red" by Hugh B. Cave
"Four of a Kind" by Bryn Kanar
"Excerpt from Wildest Dreams" by Norman Partridge
"When the Penny Drops" by Jack Ketchum

A Visit to the "Storm of the Century" Set by Tyson Blue

Feature Review
Double Image and Testament:the Unpublished Prologues by David Morrell by Mark Graham

Feature Interviews
A Conversation with Hugh B. Cave by Darrell Schweitzer
A Conversation with Ed Bryantby Trey R. Barker
A Conversation with Michael Marshall Smith by Chris Smith
A Conversation with David Morrell by Mark Graham
A Conversation with David B. Silva by Ivy Fehervari

The Usual Suspects
Words From the Editor by Richard T. Chizmar
Gormania by Ed Gorman
Spotlight on Publishing by Bob Morrish
Collecting Modern Horror by John Pelan
Needful Kings & Other Things by Tyson Blue
CD Reviews by Various