Cemetery Dance #3: Matheson, Schow, Garton, Silva

Cemetery Dance #3: Matheson, Schow, Garton, Silva

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Issue #3: R. C. Matheson Special
Winter 1990
Volume Two, Issue 1
Cover art by Allen Koszowski
Interior art by Alfred Klosterman, Willie Ray Caughron
72 pages

"Mobius" by R.C. Matheson
"Diary" by Ronald Kelly
"Surrogate" by Janet Fox
"Skin Deep" by Barry Hoffman
"Trade Secrets" (novel excerpt) by Ray Garton
"China Dolls in Red Lagoons" by Barb Hendee
"Buy You a Mockingbird" by Wayne Allen Sallee
"Seesaw" by David Duggins
"The Hollow" by David B. Silva
"Shattered Silver" by James Kisner

Feature Section on R.C. Matheson
Conversation with R.C. Matheson by staff
"Schwarzeneggar's Name Is Shorter" by David J. Schow
"The Man in the Members Only Underwear" by William Relling Jr.

Words From the Editor by Richard T. Chizmar
Conversation with Ray Garton by staff
Uncensored by Chris B. Lacher
The Overlook Connection: Not Just a Line and a Price by Barry Hoffman
Horror Quiz by A.R. Morlan
Conversation with Allen Koszowski by staff
A Farewell Tribute to The Horror Show