Cemetery Dance #35: Clark, Sarrantonio, Silva, Straub

Cemetery Dance #35: Clark, Sarrantonio, Silva, Straub

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Issue #35
Cover art by Alan M. Clark
Interior Art by Glenn Chadbourne and Keith Minnion
104 pages

"The Gravedigger's Tale" by Simon Clark
"Violets" by Al Sarrantonio
"Blind Mouths" by Judi Rohrig
"Our Father Down Below" by Darrell Schweitzer
"The Living Lake" by Julie R. Good
"Whose Puppets, Best and Worst, Are We?" by David B. Silva

Michael Marano
Charles L. Grant
Bev Vincent
Paula Guran

"Bringing Literature Back to Fiction: TTA Press" by Wayne Edwards
"Writer's Forum" by Hank Wagner
"A Conversation with Simon Clark" by Tim Lebbon
"A Conversation with Peter Straub" by Bill Sheehan