Cemetery Dance #52: Piccirilli, Waggoner, Laymon, Serling

Cemetery Dance #52: Piccirilli, Waggoner, Laymon, Serling

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Issue #52
July 2005
Cover art by Alan M. Clark
Interior Art by Keith Minnion, Julia Morgan-Scott, Will Renfro, Yossi Sasson, Hugh Vogt
104 pages

"Among the Dead" by Joel Lane
"Water Babies" by Greg Kishbaugh
"When You'll Be Ten" by Eddy C. Bertin
"Home Security" by Tim Waggoner
"My Little Angel" by Kim Antieau
"The Easy Way" by Harry Shannon
"How Far we Fall From Grace" by Michelle Scalise
"Shadder" by Tom Piccirilli

A Conversation with Richard Laymon by Joe Nazarro
A Conversation with Tamara Thorne by Hank Wagner
A Conversation with Carol Serling by William P. Simmons
Gotham Cafe: A Conversation with Julie Sands by Bev Vincent
Spotlight on Publishing: Tsunami Press by Garrett Peck

The Usual Suspects
Words From The Editors by Robert Morrish & Richard Chizmar
Stephen King News: From The Dead Zone by Bev Vincent
The Mothers And Fathers Italian Association by Thomas F. Monteleone
Waves Of Fear by Paula Guran
Mediadrome by Michael Marano
CD Reviews by Various