Cemetery Dance #56: Hirshberg, Atkins, Nicholson, Rainey

Cemetery Dance #56: Hirshberg, Atkins, Nicholson, Rainey

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Issue #56: Glen Hirshberg Special

Publication Date: October 2006
Cover Artist: Stacy Drum
Interior Artists: Steve Gilberts, Joseph Larkin, Keith Minnion, Will Renfro, Chad Savage
Page Count: 120

"Transitway" by Glen Hirshberg
"Sisters Of Baikal" by Glen Hirshberg (Novel Excerpt)
"The Cubist’s Attorney" by Peter Atkins
"The Delilah Party" by David Nickle
"A Flood of Harriers" by Jeremy Robert Johnson
"Other Gods" by Stephen Mark Rainey
"Dog Person" by Scott Nicholson

"A Conversation with Glen Hirshberg" by Rick Kleffel
"Roll, Dark" by Glen Hirshberg
"Glen Hirshberg Bibliography" by Glen Hirshberg And Rick Kleffel
"Feature Review: American Morons" by Rick Kleffel
"New Voices: Jeremy Robert Johnson" by Steve Vernon
"A Conversation with Earl Hamner, Jr." by William P. Simmons

The Usual Suspects
"Words From The Editors" by Robert Morrish & Richard Chizmar
"Stephen King News: From The Dead Zone" by Bev Vincent
"The Mothers And Fathers Italian Association" by Thomas F. Monteleone
"Waves Of Fear" by Paula Guran
"Mediadrome" by Michael Marano
"Collecting Modern Horror" by John Pelan
"CD Reviews" by Various