Cemetery Dance #57: Morlan, Prill, Vincent, Jacob, McBride

Cemetery Dance #57: Morlan, Prill, Vincent, Jacob, McBride

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Issue #57

Publication Date: March 2007
Cover Artist: Allen Koszowski & Alexander Lakhtarnik
Interior Artists: Cybelle C. Collins, Joseph Larkin, Zach McCain, Alex McVey, Keith Minnion, Frankie B. Washington
Page Count: 112

"The Sticks" by Charlee Jacob
"White Pumpkins" by David Prill
"Father, Son, Holy Rabbit" by Stephen Graham Jones
"That Lovely Land Of Might-Have-Been" by Paul G. Bens, Jr.
"Holes" by A.R. Morlan
"The Death Wagon Rolls On By" by C. Dean Andersson
"It Rips" by Michael Mcbride
"Halloween: An Acrostic Of Little Horrors" by Jack Slay, Jr.
"What Dread Hand " by James Cooper & Andrew Jury"

A Conversation With Charlee Jacob" by Hank Wagner
"New Voices: Michael Mcbride" by Steve Vernon
"Harvesting Halloween Fiction" by Paul Melniczek
"Spotlight On Publishing: Centipede Press" by Wayne Edwards

The Usual Suspects
"Words From The Editors" by Robert Morrish & Richard Chizmar
"Stephen King News: From The Dead Zone" by Bev Vincent
"The Mothers And Fathers Italian Association" by Thomas F. Monteleone
"Waves Of Fear" by Paula Guran
"Mediadrome" by Michael Marano
"Collecting Modern Horror" by John Pelan
"CD Reviews" by Various